dan (dan501) wrote,

photology 15


click up here


this time it's purple. I think we're closing in on the owls and the coffee.

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"You've been hit by...you've been struck by...a smooooth criminal."

good point. I haven't really thought of it that way, but it's totally true.

Ok, that's it. I'm breaking down and asking.

Will you take photos of me?
sure. thanks.
what's in it for me?
That would be negotiable - depending upon your fee, we could do it the Western way, or we could trade favors, although my skills may not be of interest to you. Services I could provide include drag kinging or coaching in gender illusion, portrait painting (not so much out of your area of interest but not really necessary for you, since it's just a different medium) tutoring in most subjects under the umbrella of experimental psychology, including statistics, psychobiology, and psychophysiology, and various arts and crafts. I am very handy with fimo-like substances and can make delicate things with it, including fantasy jewelry (perhaps the most attractive of my skills, if one were a dan501).

I can't sew, massage, or bake very well.

Or yeah. I could pay you.
I don't accept cash.
portait painting sounds best - though your triple negative confused me.

psychobiology is a real branch of study? I thought it was just a made up title at ucla so there'd be people to look down on my cognitive science major like I looked down at the psyche majors.
Heh, no, it is indeed a field of study, in fact a very important one. Anything that the glands/hormones/organs/brain structures/metabolism/various other molecules do that affects emotion or behavior falls under psychobiology. I'm presently setting up some research on the role of clucocorticoids in the expression of a gene for a hypermasculinzed behavior. That's the kind of thing that's considered psychobiology, or for the fancy pants academicians, the biopsychosocial model.

I will spare you my schpiel about why you shouldn't look down on psych majors because (swivels neck) I KNOW you ain't talkin' 'bout me!

If the trade you'd like is a portrait, we'd have to wait until Summer, as it's probably the most time consuming of the choices. Depending upon the size and medium, it typically takes me anywhere from 4-12 weeks to complete a portrait working an everage of 3-4 hours per day. Also, most of my materials are still packed from my move last year since we got here and realized we were moving again asap.

So we can either wait until next summer, or we can pick something else to trade. Your decision! :)
yeah it was two years ago that you stumbled upon my seldom updated journal. and its been my pleasure since.
oh you.
pish tosh.
shucky darn.

what's the single biggest change in your life since thenish?
hmmmm. oh yes, i have experienced unconditional love, which led to my new outlook on life. won't bore you with the details. maybe i'll write about it soon.

what about yourself?