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photology 16


click the above picture for the bigger version

I have/had more trouble with this picture than most figuring out what's so appealing about it.

I kept not being able to figure out what kept drawing my eye into this picture. it vortexly sucks my eye into the center. the rule of thirds is largely out the window. the center of the picture (top yellow light) is almost exactly in the center of the picture. and yet it vortexly sucks my eyes.

my mom said it had to do with the shape of the clouds. like they're making a shape that criss crosses and makes you follow their slightly curving lines? she said the clouds make a box shape. almost swastakish, she said.

does this picture's mojo work on you? either way, any idea why?
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Yes, the mojo works on me, and quite a lot.

For me, it is the contrast between the pink of the clouds, the blue of the sky, and the almost black of the trees and lamps, and then, like a cherry on a sundae, the yellow of the light.
thank you.
good point. it is relatively cherryish. subconciously, all boys want a cherry. (and a sundae, I suppose).
The colours do it for me - and I think the clouds look like a face (with the light as the nose).
yeaah the colors are the more obvious one. but your face observation is much more revealing. good call.

Deleted comment

good observation. I just saw the crucifiction when you mentioned that.
and, immediately thereafter, I saw the burning man icon.
thank you.
I think it's the big, soaring sky (I like big sky) and the zing of the pink and purple clouds against the blue. And the contrast of the silhouetted landscape with the bright colours.
wyoming is interesting that way. I've been on a boat in the middle of the ocean with no land to be seen, and yet the sky looked bigger to me in wyoming. don't know if that's because it's called the big sky state and I was influenced.

yeah - the silhouetted black trees work well against the zingy sky.
It's definitely the high contrastiness of the whole thing plus the leading lines of the clouds. And yellow lights aren't often photographed anyhow, so it's like a, ooh, yellow light, step on the gas, collective unconcious thing. Besides, photography rules are more like guidelines...
oh I'm well aware of the rules are guidelines dogma. but I've also found the rules to be rules for a reason - they're generally pretty good. I mean, not like anybody got on the cover of vogue by simply following rules..

I guess you're right and yellow lights aren't often photographed. though they should be - a yellow traffic light evokes a visceral reaction from anybody used to driving in the states.

astute points. thank you.
Another vote for the colors...

The amazing contract of the silloette, the stand alone light, and the clound and sky being so vivid.

Also, the angel helps a bit. If it was just flush with the ground, it wouldn't be as interesting.


11 years ago

your mom is right. the clouds direct your eye to the light. like wise the angle of the shadowy trees and the horizon line direct your eye. also, the contrast in color, not only that its such a bold color in the center with all those pastels, but the fact that its surrounded in contrasting black makes it stand out even more. and thirdly--its a very geometric shape, where as everything else is not.
excellent points. particularly the contrast in color. I kept thinking about it as yellow vs blue. but you are correct and in fact it's yellow vs black. I read, on a trivial pursuit card, loooooong ago that yellow on black is the most contrasty noticeable easy to observe/read color combination to the human eye. I'll try to use that conciously in the future.

yeah - that's a good way of expressing it. I kept thinking that the light is sort of running contrary to the flow of everything else... standing like a tree. but I the geometry vs nature makes sense.


11 years ago

I'm not sure it works as much for me, although I do like the silhouette effect.

I think what sucks my eye in is that it is darker all around the edges (even the sky is darker) and the center sky is bright compared to the rest.
yay for dissent.
your vignette comment made me notice how the sky is brighter at the car's vanishing point.


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago

The contrast between the bright sky and the almost hard to see dusky darkness of the road is what captures my attention. It also draws my eyes downwards, away from the brightness of the blue.
interesting. while I see the contrast liek that too, I find that it pushes my eyes up instead of drawing them down.
Is that the 101 or the 405?
my best recollection is 101 west woodman on ramp.
but I make you no promises.


11 years ago


11 years ago

the little yellow light is so contrasting that it almost looks like it's making a screaming sound. or a loud machine noise. a constant high tone. or a dial tone. i don't know.
you know, looking at it wtih that in mind, the yellow light does have sort of a feel of someone cupping their hands around their mouths in a minimegaphone and the angle of the light simulates someone trying to project/yell to the back of the room over everybody's head. in alice in wonderland anyway...



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