dan (dan501) wrote,

photology 18


click the above small firey hair for the roaring fiery hair

I was at a costume party at the monster house when the bartender, who had been dressed in corsetry and a wig, ripped her wig off and did the librarian hair toss thing. did you notice how her hair actually resumbles a roaring fire?

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that is incredible
woohoo! thanks
Wow. Those are so not my freckly arms. Who is that? I would've thought it was me if it were not for the bra and nail polish. I'm too butch for that, yo.
i thought it was you, but for a second!
I thought it was you too!
darn the luck.
I know who it is, but maybe her identity is being protected, so I'ma not say.
not at all. somewhat mysterious, but not protected.
who's your bet?
those are not your beautiful freckly arms. her hair is longer than I've ever seen yours. it was like lower ass length or thereaboots.

there was some confusion about the identify - my best recollection is laurel, but I'm not sure.
It's Amy from WUT. The Valley Rocky Cast. She plays Frank, among other roles. :)

She was Delerium that night- and took off the black wig because it had become too damn warm. :)

oh thnikkasham, got me too.
I was searching the internet for images of the different attributes of fire to show as examples at the Adult Education art course I'm doing (I'm VERY much a mature student doing all the creative things I should have done many years ago!) I thought this photo (which popped up on Google images) of the young lady's hair was really quite spectacular, and having found your site, spent some time just browsing through your wonderful, colourful, joyous, creative and talented photographs. Thank you so much for sharing them and I wish you very well in the future.