dan (dan501) wrote,

update from paris

life is swell here. french is better than it's ever been. by a lot. I can talk to strangers and I only need to tell them to talk more slowly about half the time. in fact, I was surfing the free wifi (pronounced weefee) outside a cafe with cherry and jimi when a guy asked if he could take our picture. we talked for about 20 minutes and the resulting results resulted.

I've finally made myself a website. burningdan.net. it's got all my favoritest photos (many of which have never been posted here) and some words and cheesy pink rollovers!

I've started busking the streets of paris - the parisians have been swell ruegelt givers and the police have not hassled me once (knock on wood).

I've been posting flyers about teaching photo lessons in english (ie teaching photography and english simultaneously) and I've gotten some bites.

I've been pondering life, the universe and everything. I've been doing a fair amount of yoga. I've been making friends and influencing nipples.

I certainly miss my friends, family, her and the produce of LA. but the better mustard, better cheese and challenging language tries to make up for it. I cannot believe what a high percentage of my brain cycles go to language these days... even thinking about english differently. thinking about french idioms and learning how one says things makes me think of how we say various things in english. my favorite so far is that to have a crush on dan is literally translated "to have a stutter for dan" which is unbelievably cute and accurate.

I've been appreciating the way the city lights dance on the seine.. really in a new way. sometimes it even looks contrived and controlled; the way they sparkle when observed from one particular bridge near notre dame.

and I've been taking some pictures...

(ps - I assume everybody has checked out zefrank's the show. if not, check it out. daily)
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beautiful photo!

oh, paris! please, may i live vicariously through you? if yes, please get yourself & a group of friends to the quai of the seine and eat dinner.

i will be there in spirit, smiling.
I think digital underground said it best and doowutchalike.
is quai of the seine a specific spot? it seems there's quais all up and down that mofo.

no maquillage this time? I think I still have the copy of the one I gave you.
i walked through paris for a day with a very heavy backpack. i actually talked to a good amount of people including a group of three drinking wine at 8 in the morning at a restaurant. i had just arrived with my friends and they said they had been up all night, and they were chipper as hell. it was awsome.

french roller bladers are soooo good!
yeah I feel you on the lugging heavy things about this burg bit. it can suck. I've noticed more people drinking here at 8am than most places. then again, the world cup is now.

I haven't observed french roller bladers being any better than the guys who hang out on the beach (any beach. any country)

it is now 7h45 and I've been up all night.
I am not chipper.
Gorgeous pic!!! If you ever need any non-amazingly-Cassandra-like-gorgeous people for a project I would be so into it. Keep me in mind.


I am tempted to print out that photo and put it on my wall - would that be okay if I did?
you are encouraged to print any photo of mine you wish.
in fact, if you get around to taking a picture of my picture on your wall and send it to me, that'd make me happy.

if I planned projects, I'd be into that. and if I lived in the same time zone as you I'd be into it. but these two things are obstaclic. not that I'm not into overcoming obstacles. but they do get in the way.
Amazing photography, as always.

I recently re-discovered the depth and sensational art of stereoscopeing... have you dabbled in this at all? I've seen some incredible shots done using a photographers eye mixed with the form. I think that your eye and skill could produce some great images.

To shoot stereoscopic photographs you have to look at the scene differently than shooting 2D, so I think combining your eye for 2D and learning how to look for 3D would be mind boggling.
I reckon the transition from 2d to 3d is a bit like the transition from b&w to color. though a bit opposite as I've found that anything that looks cool in color looks cool in b&w. while not everything that looks cool b&w looks cool in color (which is not to say that there aren't things which look cooler in color than b&w. color adds to the coolness of many photos)

I am guessing that almost anything that looks cool in 2d would look cool in 3d. I am further guessing that the opposite is not true.

though I could be all wrong on all that.
thanks for the suggestion.


11 years ago

I love the parallel parked toy car.
isn't that great? I keep hoping that if I leave that out there long enough, whoever put the car there will contact me.
a friend and i were actually discussing the other day whether or not you would post from afar. I am very happy to see that you will, and also that you are happy in life part 2.

I keep planning on updating twice per weekish... but I don't know if my stories would be as large (as I envision) if they were daily instead of saved up. but I think that people are more inclined to read along when it's a frequent thing they can count on.

which is a lesson I learned from zefrank.


11 years ago


11 years ago

*grin* Thanks for the update! Always makes me smile to read your posts . . . And often when I most need a smile!
thanks for the nudge. I probably wouldn't have gotten around to the post sans nudge.
and I appreciate your appreciation.
LOL - anytime.
Nice to see you update :D Megan (shamrockergrl) sent me the link to zefrank and said she got it from your latest journal entry. and thats how i knew to come read this entry. It was a pleasant 2am surprise.

I would love to go to Paris, someday. For now i am but a lowly new york college student with a 2nd minor in french, learning everything i know from a grandmotherly french professor who likes to wink at me. Someday, someday i'll make it there and get to converse with real Frenchies (altho said professor IS a true honest-to-god french woman, she doesn't quite satisfy all my desires). Anyway, I'm glad everything is going well for you over there! Enjoy and continue to update from over there!

I figured you two would be sports racers when I posted the zefrank link.
can you do a junior year abroad? had I done a junior year, I probably would have not done it abroad. at this point, I'd be kicking myself for having not done my junior year abroad. but since I never did a junior year, and my life has not turned out too shabby so far, I kick myself not.

the bottom line of that hypothetical paragraph is that as your attorney, I advise you to do your junior year studies in paris.

further, as your attorney, I advise you to organize "french night" wherein you and other francophones hang out, eat cheese, drink cafe, and speak que francais.
alas, my junior year is over. I did not do my junior year abroad. I'm already kicking myself for not thinking abuot this sooner and doing my junior year abroad. Maybe a grad school adventure will bring me there though... if not, where there's a will, there's a way, so eventually, I know i will make it there.

Good advice, and I think I will be organizing a French night soon, and speak French to all my non-french inclined friends, anyway.


11 years ago

lauren, we already have the eat cheese and drink cafe down. Sorry I dont know any french but you can work your french magic on me if you like. Ill smile and nod politely.


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11 years ago

Everyone knows who Theodore Geisel is, just not everybody knows they know.

I'm curious about the equipment you use.
I've been burned on such things before.. I once quoted ET to someone who said they'd never heard the quote. I begged to differ. in the end, I told them it was from ET and made the triumphant I-told-you-so face because of course they'd seen ET. guess what...

further, the french do not know dr seuss. most of them have not even heard of him. the few who have heard of him don't particularly think of him as a big deal. I've sort of set a mission for myself to, at some point in my life, translate a dr seuss book. that is going to be an immense pain in the creativity.

that picture above was a nikon d200, a crappy tripod that kept slipping, a collaborative pretty girl, a centuries old cemetery, a fortunately placed and stocked florist, a book of alchemical symbology, and virtually no photoshop.

on my webpage is an assortment of d200, canon 10d, nikon d1x, canon 1dsm2, 35mm, holga, pentax 750z (and 555), and a fair amount of photoshop.

if that doesn't answer your question, ask again.
actually, ask another question anyway - that will be more interesting than not asking one.


11 years ago


11 years ago

Est ce que vous allez a Burning Man?
Je voudrais voire vous est votre femme.
je suis presque certain que j'irai au burning man.
mais le futur n'est jamais certain.
It's good to hear from you. I'm glad you are enjoying yourself. As always, your pictures are beautiful. *hugs*
mois aussi.