dan (dan501) wrote,

lookout update (and a couple pics from the epic journey home)

Lookout tonight at the arclight at 8:10.
I apologize for late notice - I do hope to see you there.
perhaps good ole hollywood thai food supper after?

check out this pillow fort/sculpture I made in the airplane between chiang mai and bangkok. it was completely uplifting to have an airline employee playing along! the word in thai is "sabai" it means no pressure or relaxed... sabai culture is one of the things I love about thai people.

I met this japanese guy and his entourage of friends. we each were sporting watermelon colors and a bamboo hat. the posse, in which everybody had a camera and bowed was archetypal.

pamcash welcomed me at the airport in seoul in watermelon shoes and bearing the awesome welcome sign. I have such a thing for signs welcoming people to the center of the universe. particularly at airports. and particularly on handmade korean paper with cool cutouts and swirly drawings and watermelon colors. I had an 11 hour layover en route from bangkok to LA and I spent it wisely running around with pam.
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