dan (dan501) wrote,

Yes We Can Flow

Yes We Can Flow

The first time I saw anybody spin fire, I was transfixed and inspired, but it was so far removed from my vision of myself that it didn't occur to me that I could do it. Subconciously, I thought that Other Kinds of People do crazy circus things like that.

Six months later, I went to Burning Man for the first time. I found myself in a supportive, encouraging, inspiring community that helped me break through that myth. I realized that there are no Other Kinds of People. Anybody can do anything. I can do anything.
YOU can do anything.

Take a moment and imagine what living in a country like that would be like... where the public sentiment that trickles down from the leadership is one of inspiration and unity -- as opposed to fear.

Thanks ruespieler for editing and co-shooting.
Thanks Obama, Will.I.Am and the Yes We Can crew for inspiration and Resources.

Here are the Resources I used and the Result I produced.
Yes We Can Flow - This video in downloadable high quality. Feel free and encouraged to remix this into something of yours.
Obama, Will.I.Am, et al - Yes We Can - High Quality.mp3 - Cleanest version of the audio
Obama, Will.I.Am, et al - Yes We Can - YouTube High Quality_mpeg4.avi - Converted importable version of the YouTube high quality video
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"Anybody can do anything."

Yes, we can. :)

Thanks for posting this.
The message of unity is why my vote's been decided since 2004's DNC speech.

Thank you for reminding me that message is still being spoken despite all the crap the media keeps piling on/around it.
I think this may be one of the singularly most beautiful sentiments I've ever experienced. I think it says quite a lot that so often these days when I see something like this I begin to cry...in the "life is becoming so much more clearly beautiful and real and I am part of it and am growing with it" way. Leaving behind the part of my life during which I believed I would never be the kind of person who could have anything worth contributing to the glorious circus of the world feels so perfect. Thank you for being one of the catalysts and teachers in my life.

It may not be well-written, but I figure you can understand my meaning and my glowing joy.
Thank you. That was beautiful. Inspiring and truly beautiful.
awww, dan, that was amazing! thanks for the hope and joy!
I love the video. It's a brilliant way to get the message out. Hopefully everyone will vote this year, it's one of the most important elections we have ever had. Hopefully the outcome will be a good one and things will finally start to change. We need it.
I had another thought in response to this video just now: I've never felt like I wanted to be an American...ever, in my entire life...it was an accident of parentage, really....but if things *can* improve and people *can* stop the downward spiral they've created...then I might just *want* to be associated as a citizen of this country. Amazing how that can happen.

Seeing you all last night filled me with joy and peace, in so many ways. Thank you. Thank you for being in my life. Thank you for reminding me that I really can do anything.
saw ur vid in the bman lj group.
It's fantastic!

P.S. Theodor Geisel rocks! ;)
Thank you for you! This is Beautiful.

Caroline :)