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Flow Temple - Free Intro to Flow Arts and class in Poi, Hoop & Staff starting in April

Flow Arts is a HOT new fitness and meditation practice that's FUN.
FREE Intro in Griffith Park April 4, 5 and 11 at 2pm (map)
Classes start in Hollywood April 12th
Classes are super affordable
Sign up at our website


Flow Arts is a hip, hot, fast growing fitness meditation practice that puts your body in balance and motion. It blends meditation, dance, exercise and play into a fun and healthful activity that moves the body and stills the mind. It's like yoga, tai chi and dance all rolled into Fun! Flow Arts improves self image, dexterity, focus, coordination, body awareness, self confidence, spatial skills and promotes brain plasticity. It is a grounding wellness practice that is also a sexy performance art. Fun, healthy and energizing classes are available in Poi, Hoop and Staff. Our website has photos, schedule, and description of the individual tools and classes.

Handrew, virtuoso pianist who's been playing since age 5 and has a Masters degree in piano:

"Flow Arts has changed the way that I practice piano in such a positive way -- it changes the way I look at my own 'limitations.' Now when I come to something in music or in life that is really difficult I find ways of breaking it down into a physical science and breathing with it."

At the end of the course, IF you are inspired to apply Flow Arts to dancing with fire, we'll take you to an optional bonus FREE graduation light-up session at a legal, public, permitted, insured fire spin gathering. We'll give you expert fire safety training and supervise to keep you safe. We'll make a photo of YOU dancing with FIRE. Check out the photos from our last Flow Temple Light Up. We'll make you an awesome keepsake photo to commemorate your first experience spinning fire. Imagine the slack-jawed stare of awe upon the face of your spouse, friends, co-workers, (future) kids, or mom when they see YOU in a picture like that!

Hope, web designer and writer:

"I totally need to do poi as a form of stress relief when my parents manage to push my buttons. It's very therapeutic. The more I play with the poi, the more I want to. dan has a unique combination of sprightly enthusiasm and non-judgmental encouragement that can help even the most uncoordinated bungler learn to spin poi."

Classes are geared at your exact level if you've never tried any Flow Arts, but advanced Flow Artists who have taken our classes have reported benefit from our novel approach. Classes will work for you even if you think you're not coordinated, not graceful, can't dance or anything else -- I've been teaching my 65 year old mother (who didn't wanna for all those reasons) and she loves it.

The testimonial photos from this page, as well as the Light Up gallery, ARE REAL PEOPLE. They're not circus freaks, they're not pro dancers, they're not pyromaniacs. A few weeks ago, they hadn't done anything like this in their lives and now they are Flow Artists and Fire Dancers.

Gadi, raw foodist and musician:

"I did 40 minutes of practice today and felt a continuous flow of relaxation. Once I get a good flow or rhythm, I don't want to stop. Fun Fun FUN!"

Our 6 week classes are Sundays (poi and hoop) and Wednesdays (staff) in and around Hollywood starting April 12. See our website for schedule.
The low price includes a daily coaching/encouraging/motivating/reminding-to-practice phone call if you want it.
It includes our commitment to your success and enjoyment.

Flow Arts practice also helps you conquer the procrastination habit. Starting now! Go to our website to sign up right now!

you can do that.
let me say that again.
YOU. the one sitting in your chair. YOU. can. do. that.
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You should post this on the los angeles community journal. Just make sure to put everything below the flier behind a cut, so they won't delete your post. :)
Also - Craigslist!
it occurs to me that i have a promotional opportunity for you guys, call me
Wishing you a very happy birthday!

I didn't really know you but I did spend one night with you. You were beautiful. You showed me your photography of secret moments your took while you curled around me and played the didgeridoo while I sat in your bed and laughed in wonder. I tried on all your hats and paraded around your room while you whistled and cheered. You told me that I was beautiful.

Before I had met you I had never met a man who made me feel so wonderful with zero expectations in the morning. This sounds absolutely absurd because your friends are mourning the loss of an amazing human being but that one night I spent with you I will never forgot. And I always held those that came after you to that same standard of kindness.

I remember you loved Dr. Seuss and had a collection of about 20 mustards in your fridge. You made me a sandwich at 3am and between bites kissed my lips. That was probably close to 8 years ago.

I've never had anyone I've shared a night with pass away.

I don't know why I'm so upset about this but you really touched me. Find your way home.
We met years ago at a party and had a fabulously absurd conversation about socks. I moved away from L.A. shortly after that but you made an impression on me with that one conversation and we very loosely kept in touch via LJ for a while after that.

It took me a while to put two and two together when I heard the news and I am so sorry such a delightful human being is gone so soon. May the angels guide you in, Dan, and may they all be wearing stripped toe-socks while doing so.
My nonthoughts on nonafterlife notwithstanding, if you should encounter dawnmarie somewhere in a distant consciousness, be sure to catch her up on the past eight years of Awesome. She might not recognize you at first, but I know you never forget amazing people.

I won't forget either of you.


I never really did know you, but it still shocked me when I finally read that article about your passing, not realizing it was about someone I'd immediately recognize as one of my LJ friends. I always loved your posts and you always seemed to have a charisma and a spirituality about you that I admired.

Wishing your friends and family my most heartfelt condolences on their loss.

Now if we ever encounter any fire-spinning angels, we'll know where they learned it from. ;)
awesome. that is a great photo shoot waiting to happen. I'm going to pass this on.
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