dan (dan501) wrote,

yesterday's outting

I ate a fabulous lunch at Hugo's. I suggest you all go (I go, you go, we all go to hugo's).

I went to samy's camera in hollywoodish. it was amazing. it's a 5 floor photography place wtih everything. I suggest you all go. I got a new camera that I'm still learning how to use.

I went to frederick's of hollywood. and got the french maid outfit I wore to last night's party.

when I was planning the day wtih my friend who accompanied me to all these places, she talked about exchanging something at frederick's. I said cool - since we're going to samy's, we can go to the frederick's in hollywood. she said "there's a frederick's in hollywood?" I said dude.

then I went to the toga lingerie party and had a swell time. I took pictures with said new camera and faster film than I've ever used (iso1600). we'll see how that goes.

I also had chinese food... see forthcoming fortune cookie log entries.

now, I'm off to the hollywood bowl for an international jazz festival.
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