dan (dan501) wrote,

... sold (michael damian style)

the auction was so much fun. I feel all puffy chested.

I wore a blue zoot suit with hat and macaroni. replete with chain, suspenders, and shiny shoes.

I got soooo many compliments and I had fun flirting with lots of people and telling them to buy me. rock on.

I bought thenay who was the first one to get sold.

then I patiently waited.

then I got up on stage to be sold. the most expensive guy to that point was $100 and the most expensive overall were two girls tied at $110. good lord that's a lot of money! rock on.

I walked up on the stage to a ginger spice cover of it's rainin men. rock on, cassie (apologies if someone other than cassie picked that).

bidding got going and then lagged for a second at around $30 and I started to feel a bid bad. then it picked up again. I didn't see who was bidding on me early on (anybody know?). but I did see that the two final bidders were both cute girls. rock on.

in the end, I sold for $115. I totally didn't expect to get sold for the highest... I was sure a girl would be the highest. rock on.

whitney and karinlewicki both had a camera of mine and were taking pictures the whole time. pictures coming soon.
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