dan (dan501) wrote,


had a great time, wish you were here.

being part of a group costume theme rocks the casbah. lea was miss terious, looked the part, but lost the sash.
here's another one of me.

then at rocky, I was "the tall drag queen". normally, that title is taken by someone else. has anybody else noticed that when I play a part in rocky, I'm wearing black and blue?
ralph - blue zoot suit. black shirt, tie, suspenders, shoes.
betty - blue dress with black gloves, black shoes, black letters.
frank - dressed as sgt luther. light blue shirt, black pants, black shoes (I didn't really play frank. but I was on stage as frank n luther during trixie).

then at rocky, a seemingly drunk* 16 year old told me she wanted to "fuck me tonight." I told her not tonight - I've got a headache. yes, I actually said that.

*she said she was just tired and hadn't slept in over 24 hours. I suppose that's possible.
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