dan (dan501) wrote,

let me save you some time...

in case any of you were wondering, they don't seem to make 8.5 x 11 picture frames.

further, they do not make 8 x 10 inkjet photo paper.

I got a bunch of 8x10 frames and then realized that my printer is printing 8.5x11. so I trekked back to aaron brother's and returned a bunch of the 8x10 frames. then I went to go pick up my 8.5x11 frames. then I learned they don't have any.

so I trekked to staples in search of 8x10 photo paper. note - I trekked the wrong way to staples. I walked along the front. searching for the front door. no dice. so I pretty much walked all the way around staples. in I went to casually pick up the 8x10 photopaper that they surely must have in abundance because of all the inkjet photo printers that EVERYONE has. then I learned they don't have any.


PS - walk on the left.
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