dan (dan501) wrote,

small nye thang

I went to a black tie affair downtown. there was an annoying piercer, an open bar, some performers, a bunch of my friends being hot chicks in lingerie and lots and lots of girls with boyfriends. every single (ha!) girl stranger I talked to had a boyfriend. not one exception.

I looked like this:
mr. applegate

you can't see them in that picture - but I had two mismatched red socks.

it's a shame I didn't make it to the H&H mixer... I think I looked like the devil from damn yankees. devil would have been an interesting change - last year I was an Angel.

I rented that tux tuesday and it doesn't need to be back until thursday. so that meant that I had a don't-care-if-it-gets-wrinkled tuxedo to do with as I pleased all day wednesday. so I wore it all day. to the deli, to thrifty, lounging around. wearing a tuxedo and doing mundane things is a bit odd. I recommend it.

happy new year to all. I intend to kiss every single one of you next time I see you.
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