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this weekend

this weekend, I watched twin peaks. like all of twin peaks. like all weekend. almost

I tore myself away from twin peaks to perform in hedwig and watch the superbowl.

bye scott. I'll miss you. liz - you looked prettier than normal.

during halftime at the superbowl, I played football in my backyard with my dad, brother, and a couple of their friends during halftime. first we played with my dad, brother and me as one team against the other 3 guys. we kicked their butts - like 28-0. then we switched teams and played a bit more and we tied 0-0. my highlights were 3 interceptions and 2 td receptions.

football was great... I love playing. I need to find an adult touch or flag football league. my friends and I used to play in the courtyard every day in highschool. my school didn't have a football team - that sucked. we also didn't have cheerleaders. that sucked.

here's a few pictures from hedwig 1/24/03.

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