dan (dan501) wrote,

spring is a many splendored spring

I've been noticing it being spring for a while now. much moreso than other years. mostly because my brother talked about it a lot. he extolled springtime in new york. spring is different in colder climates - people don't bundle up and stay in all winter in LA. he just kept telling people to wait for spring.

I had a taste of that new york bundled up staying in more than normal winter. so...

when I got to paris, it was beautiful. I could walk around with just a jacket... the long underwear could stay at home. the weater was great. then...

I got to florence. that was even better. florence was t shirt weater. I looked over the river, I sat in the shade of the duomo, I ate gellato.

then I got to LA... how's the weather been for the last couple of weeks? sunny 72. a couple of days after I got back from europe, I walked out of my office at like 6ish and it was still light outside. that's spring for you.

today was the last springtime thing to happen... I rollerbladed to work today for the first time since septemberish. that rocked (and rollerbladed).
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