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normally, I'm all about positivity. positive attitudes, optimists and those who project a sunny disposition. those who think that life is grand instead of thinking that life sucks are my kinds of people. I feel like I espouse the same kind of positivity that I seek in others.

normally, that is. but not this time.
I just got test results from the testing service to the porn stars.

it was a strange and heart dropping roller coaster of a phone call. I got tested last week, and the results should have resulted quite a while ago. but no phone call. so today I called them.

them said
let's see, daniel (my grandparents, one ex girlfriend and doctors are the only ones who call me daniel). what do we have here. you had quite a few tests done.

pcrdna hiv/aids test? negative
herpes simplex 1 test? negative
herpes simplex 2 test?
and the rest of the full panel: negative. (did you know this?)

excellent!, but... dude. I mean seriously. is THAT the time you have to pick to choke on your latte? my mind was going insane for several seconds there.
I have to have what conversation with everyone I sleep with from now until I die?
I have to call all recent partners and tell them to go get tested?
I have to remember to take my oral medication every day or risk a breakout? I mean, I can barely remember to eat every day. if I were a girl, I'd be either on norplant or be the little old lady who lived in a shoe

if you're sexually active (and who likes those that are passive in bed?), get tested at least every 6 months.
if you'd like to synchronize with me, go do it now. if you haven't been tested recently, go do it now. I'll try to remember to post a reminder about it every time. though hopefully if things go well, I won't have such harrowing experiences henceforth.

my birthday party was this past friday night. I spent a lot of the evening spinning fire in the backyward...

thanks to jonathan for the photos and thanks to jonathan for offering his home for my birthday party.

this picture wan't photoshopped. this is the photo as it was taken.
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