dan (dan501) wrote,

gay robbery caper - round 2


this time, it really is 3 am (I must be lonely). I'm still up doing burning man prep. my roommate is awake and chatting with my gay tg currently cross dressed neighbor "jackie." hark - what phone through yonder window rings?

lapd, that's what phone through yonder window rings. last night, right around 3 am, lapd picked up two suspects driving my roommate's small gay car. one of the gay perps vaguely matches my description.

check it - I might get to do a police line up. how rad would that be? I mean it - on a scale of 1 to rad, give this a radness rating. be creative. be be creative.

unfortunately, I'm kind of leaving town tomorrow. well I ain't down with that. fortunately, I'm leaving town tomorrow. oh so fortunately. burn the man! but I digress...

they still haven't come to dust for fingerprints and the guy's 3 day window has expired. dude. I'm leaving town tomorrow for burning man. I talked to detective hayes this morning and he said he's transferring the case back to van nuys. he works the downtown district where they picked up the big gay perps. I was really hoping he'd work for west hollywood. no such luck.

I'll let you know how this all pans out.
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