dan (dan501) wrote,

I'm in the airport - on arguably the best, but most expensive internet kiosk I've ever used. I have missed my flight to san francisco. I routinely show up to flights well under an hour before flight time and this is the first one I've missed in I don't know how long.

there was this one time when I had to return a rental car and make a lfight - I was on the freeway to the rental car place about 20 minutes before flight time and still managed to make it.

so my fabulous weekend getaway has been postponed a couple hours. I'll live.
I'm getting back to LA sunday night lateish.
monday morning, I'm flying to las vegas to work a few days.
then a whole heapin lot of friends will be joininng me for a fabulous romantic valentine's day weekend.

but dan, you say, you have no girlfriend. what are you doing with a fabulous romantic valentine's weekend?

my date is a girl who is a friend of a close friend of mine who I've met once.
we'll see how that goes.

more later.
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