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... and today was longer still

as predicted, today was, in fact, long.

I started today by going to bed around 5ish am.

I got up around 8ish to get ready to go. I was picked up and driven to west hollywood and parked and walked and at the float at 9:30.

I am awed by the amazing creative and labor intensive job that was the rainbow carnage float. I'm sorry to say that I've been too busy to help with the float at all. it was amazingly designed. soverybored rocks the casbah. it was beautifully implemented by jacob, dudley, and everyone else who put in effort (please don't feel slighted that I didn't mention you. it's a testament to my crappy castmanship that I don't even know who did the majority of the building).

What I did contributed was the idea and half of the implementation of using rocks and duct tape (quack) to hold the side banners down.

I got interviewed by the documentarians. that was neat. when they asked why I was involed with rainbow carnage, I told them that it's because what all the cool kids are doing and I try my darnedest to follow the trends.

the parade was supposed to start at 11. I had an obligation at noon in the valley. I planned on being about an hour late to that obligation. I figured I'd want to be in the car and start driving toward the valley about 12:15-12:20. I also knew there was no way that the parade was going to start on time. I figured I'd have to jump off the in-motion float and blend into the crowd and go to the valley. the best laid plans...

what actually happened is that around 12ish, it looked like we were about to go. I was on the float and we moved like 10 feet (I won't feel dishonest when I claim to have been on a float in the gay pride parade).

around 12:10ish, I realized I had to go. so go I did. I gave nate my costume, leaving me in sgt luther mustache, sugar daddy boxers, matching (gasp!) rainbow socks, and black converse. I took a few pictures... some of me changing, some of me posting with lesbo go-go, I bid the cast and float farewell. and I started walking.

I walked about 15 minutes, most of it in the street along side the parade, in that crazy costume.

I found whitney and cassandra and started heading back to the valley.

we stopped at my apartment to pick up clothes then went to my company picnic. the company picnic was mostly boring.

then we got gellato and headed back to west hollywood for more pride. picking up karinlewicki and danielewicki on the way.

once back at the festival, karinlewicki and I both rode the mechanical bull.

we got free tickets to see pinafore, a gay remake of G&S's HMS Pinafore. then we went to see erotic city (sucked) and watch our womenfolk ogle the shirtless dancing gay boys.

boymaenad caught up with us around 6:45 - just in time to sneak in line for pinafore. the show was amazing. so well done. in particular, one singing drag queen was amazing. for those of you who were there, she rocked the good singing queen mary drag queen's casbah. I'm no music expert, but she seemed to me to be singing a soprano part in a way that wouldn't be [easily] identifiable as other-than-woman.

then we wandered a very little bit more and headed back to karinlewicki and danielewicki's house for brownies and queer as folk.

we forgot to put eggs in the brownies. in my humble in opinion, they were really good brownies. not just "the best brownies which didn't have any egg and were made from a mix that I've had this week" as I exclaimed at the time.

(I know there's no way this next bit is going to come across properly. I very strongly considered abbreviating it to simply "we played the weasel game." but here it goes anyway).
we played a game whereby you substitute weasel for one word of a movie title. some of the better examples were:
hedwig and the angry weasel
pump up the weasel
lock stock and two smoking weasels
breakin' two: electric weaseloo
dangerous weasels
weasel liaisons

anyway... as predicted, I don't think I can adequately explain the half hour of side hurting laughter we got from this game. it was amazing

this has been one of my Amazing Weekends. I have a small handful of weekends where I'm completely busy running ragged with all sorts of interesting activities. I usually sleep about 3 hours per night during the weekends. like my my brother's 21st birthday weekend and a few others that I don't recall (dude, it's 3:30 am sunday night after one of those weekends). some other time, I'll post the story of that weekend and try to remember what the other such weekends were.

good night.
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