dan (dan501) wrote,

los angeles in the hizouse...?

I'm going to be spening a lot of time at home over the next little while. like all of it.
I'm mostly self sufficient except for the icey thingy.
the icey thingy is a cooler full of ice and water which is hooked via the tubey thing to my slingy thing. it pumps cold water to next to my shoulder to reduce swelling. I'm to have it hooked up as much as possible.

the catch is that I cannot hook it or unhook it - one needs two non-slung hands for that. I cannot go to the bathroom with it hooked up. so I cannot have it hooked up while nobody is here.
so.... how would you like to come to my place in hollywood and hang out? I've got movies, music, books, drugs and me.

either let me know when you wish to come or just come on over and knock.
I like to think of this as office hours for stephen hawking (though he is both gimpier and smarter).

(if you dont know where I hang my hats and shoes, email dan501 at livejounal and I'll be glad to direct you)
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