dan (dan501) wrote,

I went to the doctor today

I'm considering getting surgery on my shoulder for that inconvenient dislocate thing. today I had an arthrogram (I could have that name wrong) and MRI as preliminary investigation.

the MRI was neat... I lay on a tray and they slid me into a coffin shaped thing. the "ceiling" was about 5 inches from my face. my elbows were directly at my sides and touching the side walls. as it turns out, I'm not claustrophobic at all. I was relaxed enough to take a nap for part of the half hour I was in there.

here's me inside the thing... the MRI operator was nice enough to take a picture of me.

the arthrogram was a little more interesting. it came before the MRI - the point is to stain some of the tissue in my shoulder to make the MRI look better. if you don't like needles,

it was 3 shots. some local anesthetic, a tester shot, and then a 20 gauge needle stuck about 3 inches into my shoulder from the front. take your right index finger and put it between your chest and your shoulder, about where your arm attaches. now press your index finger straight back into your shoulder toward your back. that's how the needle entered. then they injected a lot of some fluid into my shoulder joint. I could feel the liquid most on the skin on the back of my shoulder.

here's a picture of the needles

here's a picture of the actual big needle that was in my shoulder. see where my index finger is? that's about how far into my shoulder they stuck it.

sorry I couldn't get a picture of the needle actually in my arm. there was a thing in the way.

all the doctors and nurses who were attending me thought it was very strange that I wanted to take pictures. at one point the doctor asked "are you sure you want to be watching this?" (referring to the big needle getting stuck into my arm).

all the time I was thinking "candy baaaaar! I'm gonna get a candy bar!"
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