dan (dan501) wrote,

photology 10


click me! click me! (meaning the picture)


I'm driving through the endless wheat fields of south eastern iowa. I need to find somewhere to fill up. but the last rest stop was 117 miles ago and didn't serve coffee.

I came across what may be a clue that unravels the mystery of the owls. a girl stepped out of the wheat field. as soon as she emerged, the sky turned yellow and green and she pulled out an axe. I'm not talking about a run of the mill wood chopper. I mean she should be chopping off heads with this thing.

no sooner did the sky turn green and the girl wield the axe, an owl flew overhead and she disappeared. I think this means something.
a minute later, there was an off-ramp with the internationally recognized icon for coffee and pie.


--- or you may prefer the original story... ---
careful with that axe.

with this shoot, I didn't set out with a specific scene I wanted to make. I wanted surreal and david lachapelleish. I think I got some of the first and little of the second.
this shoot was one of the big things in my experience that made me stop and say gosh, photography takes effort.
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