dan (dan501) wrote,

photology 14


hurry hurry hurry... click right up (there)


aliens? pictures?
this is an interesting take on the venerable "alien picture" format some friends do.
an alien picture is when the camera is aboe you and at an angle such that your forehead takes up half the frame.
I think I saw the man from another place with a camera above his head recently.
the other hand held some good morning america.

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Interesting. She has very pretty eyes, but I like the googly eyes the best. :P
all 6 of her eyes are very pretty.
I probably should have called this picture 6eyes. oh well.
awesome photograph!
thank you.
is the date messed up in your journal? it says I commented re even cowgirls get the blues over 2 years ago and it doesn't feel that long at all.
Gawd, Dan - you're so awesome.
OMG is that Cassandra?
Some friends? I have a whole series of Alien Cassandra photos. But i wasn't aware that it was a thing, otherwise.