dan (dan501) wrote,

photology 17


click the above pic. no really

I'm not sure how this point has eluded me heretofore, but what I need is a green picture of cassandra.
we've got a red one. though she and I have imminent plans to do a bedder redder one.
and we've got a blue one.

my favorite photography teacher said that photography is about solving problems.
I don't know that "about" is how I'd describe it, but solving problems and eliminating detractors from the final picture is as much of my process as trying to figure out what goes in.

this is one of those instances. with help from boymaenad, I snatched victory from the jaws of bad lighting defeat.
we were in the tiny backstage dressing room at a club where the Blue Dan's Troupe had just performed.
the background was cluttered. the lighting was overhead track and unattrackive.

somebody spotted a dusty spotlight in the corner, found a blue gel, bounced the spot off a mirror, feared shorting the entire club's electrical circuits, closed our eyes and thought lovely thoughts.

uhhh diane.
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