dan (dan501) wrote,

photology 19


click the above picture.

I get quite a kick out of making things look like what they're not.
I'm not sure why that is. I don't know what I specifically enjoy about the "what in the name of god is that thing?!" "oh... it's my nose!" effect. but I know I specifically enjoy it.
this is one of those that nobody guesses what is this is to be is.

this picture reminds me a bit of death guild and stun runner and teenage wasteland and sort of a return to oz style yellow brick road
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I can't get the larger version to load (here at work). *grumble* I'll check again from home, I guess.
oh baby, I'm so sorry... it's not you - it's me.
I'm rectifying it right now.

I can see it now!

I still can't figure out what it *really* is, though. What is it?
well its concrete and those look like the caps to chainlink fence posts
all true.
so did i do better than everyone else?
check out natasha.haykinson.com
(my mom!) she's an amazing photographer and i'm not just saying that cuz we look exactly the same, your stuff reminds me of hers.
you're quite talented.
it reminds me of the path indiana jones had to run down when he was being chased by the boulder.
yeah exactly. that's just the kind of feel I get from it.
Baba O'riley ^_^