dan (dan501) wrote,

photology 20


click click click - clickety click - click that picture...

it kind of feels like cheating to use burning man pictures.
there is sooo much cool stuff from which to make photos, I sometimes feel like you've just got to point your camera randomly and you'll come out with a cool something or other.

"whose universe is it?" my friend asked when she took me out to the man, straight away after I showed up.
see, the man was pink and green this year. which, this whole 80s craze notwithstanding, has been my color combo for a while now.
it all started with that watermelon thing I do. and it keeps working for me. I give away watermelon gum and keep warm in chloe - my watermelon cloak. some people have taken to calling me watermelon.

the interesting bit is that I'm not even particularly fond of natural watermelon. but it's more striking than cateloupe.
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