dan (dan501) wrote,

photology 20


click click click - clickety click - click that picture...

it kind of feels like cheating to use burning man pictures.
there is sooo much cool stuff from which to make photos, I sometimes feel like you've just got to point your camera randomly and you'll come out with a cool something or other.

"whose universe is it?" my friend asked when she took me out to the man, straight away after I showed up.
see, the man was pink and green this year. which, this whole 80s craze notwithstanding, has been my color combo for a while now.
it all started with that watermelon thing I do. and it keeps working for me. I give away watermelon gum and keep warm in chloe - my watermelon cloak. some people have taken to calling me watermelon.

the interesting bit is that I'm not even particularly fond of natural watermelon. but it's more striking than cateloupe.
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I found a pattern for a watermelon hat and thought immediately that you must have it. Has Natasha knit you one already?
two, in fact. they are rather beanieish and I'm most fond of them.
of course, howver, I'm curious to see what an officially sanctioned patterned hat would look like. how's about if you make me a hat and I make you semblance of dinner?

what's up wtih having a new journal and not having mention of january travel plans?
Ya, the journal thing... I think it was just time. You know how good shoes never wear out but at some point you just have to get rid of them? I had a holiday at the beginning of January for work and school and was going to visit during this time. I found out last week that a friend of mine that I met in Latvia was going to be in SF this weekend and wanted to see her and then Kelley's birthday is next Thursday so those have kind of taken priority over the LA trip. But I did find that I can get a cheap train down to Van Nuys from the East Bay if I don't mind the long trip. I always liked trains and I think I'd knit a glove on the next one. As for your melon hat, I'll get the pattern and supplies and put the project on my list. Ooo... I just thought about this. I'm in kind of in a sock mood and could knit you watermelon socks. But then again that wouldn't be an officially sanctioned patterned sock. You make the call - socks or hat? And yes... I will take up the dinner offer as long as the dinner leans on the actual not apparent side of semblance.


January 6 2006, 02:16:19 UTC 12 years ago

I'm adding your new journal right now. No need to make Dan sockS - a singular sock for a singular guy will probably do nicely.

Jay and I are living with Dan at the moment, so if you visit him you get to visit me, too. And you should.
Yes... do add me.
I love the idea of visiting one person and getting two more for free!
Love you and miss you tons.
I, too, saw a watermelon hat and thought of you. It was a great, big, tall hat of cartoon proportions and watermelon colors, with great, big stuffed watermelon seeds on the side.
Whats the matter? Cantaloupe? But oh, honeydew.

I keep having weird dreams prominently featuring you (no, not that kind of prominent). So anyway, get out of my head!! ;-) In case you were wondering, apparently you live on Catalina Island, have a pet fruit bat named Reginald, work undercover for Best Buy (??), and are secretly plotting to cut my hair.
I like watermelon, and the gum, too. And you.