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Brick opening - come and see it (and me)

last time I posted like this, it went well. this time, it will be a smaller production.

I'm probably going to see the opening of brick thursday night at midnight at the arclight (friday at 12:01 am, for the sticklers). you should come.

unlike manic promotions, there's not going to be an afterparty this time. so it goes. but it will probably be one of your last chances to see me for a while as I'm moving out of los angeles indefinitely in roughly 3 days (sort of to paris, but more like to out there)

if you don't make it to that show, go see this movie. it's amazing. I won't bore you with my review, but I aspire to use brickisms in daily speech. everybody everybody has given it glowing reviews. brick won a special jury thing at 2005's sundance film festival.

this is not a red carpet premier. this is just a movie. there's no list or anything. buy a ticket and enjoy the show. while you are welcome to ask me if it's going to sell out, if there's still space, if it has sold out or anything of that ilk, it won't do you any good as I don't know.

hope to see you there

PS the subject's "and me" is a probably/tentative. while I fully expect to be there, I reserve the right to not)

these dates are just the tentative opening dates... not like they will play in these cities only on these dates.
go see it!

New York City - The Angelika
Los Angeles - The Arclight

Boston - Kendall and Coolidge
Chicago - Century Center Evanston and Downtown
Dallas - Magnolia
Washington DC - E Street
Denver - The Esquire
Minneapolis - Lagoon
Seattle - The Metro
San Francisco - Embarcadero
Portland - The Fox Tower
San Diego - The Hillcrest
Atlanta - Midtown

We will expand into more theaters in the Bay area, New York, LA and DC.

Austin - The Arbor
Detroit - Main Art
St. Louis - Tivoli
Indianapolis - Keystone
Milwaukee - Oriental
Philadelphia - Ritzs
Phoenix - Camelview
Sacramento - Tower
Houston - Angelika

Albany - Spectrum
Charlotte - Ballantyne
Kansas City
Louisville - Baxter
Santa Cruz
Salt Lake City
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