dan (dan501) wrote,

update from paris

life is swell here. french is better than it's ever been. by a lot. I can talk to strangers and I only need to tell them to talk more slowly about half the time. in fact, I was surfing the free wifi (pronounced weefee) outside a cafe with cherry and jimi when a guy asked if he could take our picture. we talked for about 20 minutes and the resulting results resulted.

I've finally made myself a website. burningdan.net. it's got all my favoritest photos (many of which have never been posted here) and some words and cheesy pink rollovers!

I've started busking the streets of paris - the parisians have been swell ruegelt givers and the police have not hassled me once (knock on wood).

I've been posting flyers about teaching photo lessons in english (ie teaching photography and english simultaneously) and I've gotten some bites.

I've been pondering life, the universe and everything. I've been doing a fair amount of yoga. I've been making friends and influencing nipples.

I certainly miss my friends, family, her and the produce of LA. but the better mustard, better cheese and challenging language tries to make up for it. I cannot believe what a high percentage of my brain cycles go to language these days... even thinking about english differently. thinking about french idioms and learning how one says things makes me think of how we say various things in english. my favorite so far is that to have a crush on dan is literally translated "to have a stutter for dan" which is unbelievably cute and accurate.

I've been appreciating the way the city lights dance on the seine.. really in a new way. sometimes it even looks contrived and controlled; the way they sparkle when observed from one particular bridge near notre dame.

and I've been taking some pictures...

(ps - I assume everybody has checked out zefrank's the show. if not, check it out. daily)
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