dan (dan501) wrote,

I had the most public viewing of my photography to date tonight. there was a minorish gathering at karinlewicki's house. I brought pictures of this past weekend's croquet for to show for those that were present.

it evolved into a roomful of almost 10 people passing around the weekend pictures as well as all the (film) pictures from france. anytime anybody had an audible reaction, I'd run over there to see which picture they liked and discuss what they liked about it until someone else had an audible reaction. it was sooo much fun and so encouraging. everyone's reaction was really positive. mostly, the glaring flaws that I saw were forgiven, overlooked, or thought to be intentional when viewed by others. or they were just being nice. people generally liked the same pictures I liked. some more experienced photographers had some good suggestions that I'll really try to keep in mind for the future.

one of the viewers is someone whose work I've seen a few times recently and really really liked. she was a photography major and a really good photographer. I ended up discussing various photography things with her. I felt all cool because here I am this beginning photography student and there's this photographer whose work I really admire and she's daning to talk to me about it. she had very insightful things to say and even thought that a few of my screwups were intentional and artistic.

that totally rocked the casbah.
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