dan (dan501) wrote,

last night was once-in-a-lifetime

there's not a huge list of stuff on my list of I-really-really-really-really-wanna-but-I'm-never-gonna.
last night I checked one of those off the list.

that there is a picture of roger waters and me. the listy task off which I checked was seeing pink floyd in teh oncert in hyde park. granted, I saw roger waters, nick mason, and supporting band - not pink floyd. but the music was powerful, the show was huge, roger waters was on, the crowd was hyped. I felt so 60s anti-war. he was playing songs about and the crowd was shouting about bringing the boys back home, the bads of war, the sucks of the american regime, and the brits' shameful association with the american sucks.

if I had to pick one town in the world to see pink floyd, london would be it.. it's their home turf.
I'm in london, by the way.

since getting here, I've gotten together with friends I haven't seen in too long and made them do odd things...

like taking a mouthful of fizzy effervescent emergen-c, eat your cereal with chopsticks, and simulate famous photographs.

I hotboxed a flat - by making flapjacks.

I've done some walking around this town and found assorted cool stuff

it was canada day, so I took a picture of me all canada'd out for my far off fiancee.
I've been wearing watermelon stuff, and specifically hand-painted watermelon converse for years. further, I've been finding that the trends of fashion have been copying me of late. and here's no exception. I mean really - watermelon converse? who else wears this?
the man set up a wall over 2m tall blocking our view of the lovely clean thames. as if that was going to stop me...

on the other side of the highway/bridge, was a busker to whom I gave some ruegelte in exchange for a photo
I don't think I'll ever own a SUV in my entire life. they suck on any number of levels. but I will tell you this - if I ever get a SUV, I'm going to put a YETI license plate on it.
this mad scientist guy makes big machinations of plastic tubing and wind power - they walk around and look creeky.

tis photo series is one of my favorite pasttimes in the london tube:
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