dan (dan501) wrote,

I'm back in LA. In the meantime, come see Lookout

brother joe is in a movie which is opening tonight. as I JUST got back from 5 months in thailand, I've yet to have time to put together any sort of todo, but I'm going to be seeing it this weekend. likely saturday. I'll post when I know when and where I'll be seeing it. I hope to make a smallish todo. see it anyway, it's allegedly quite good and worth seeing.

fyi my "day" today started in thailand on the morning of the 28th and will end when I go to sleep sometime around noon tomorrow - afternoon of the 31st in LA. via pam in seoul.
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Ack! Will you still bein LA on Wednesday?
I would love to discuss things with you in person.
how long are you in town for? will you be here on May 3rd? if not, i must try to exact a lunch promise from you or something before you run off again.

i was tres excitee (how the hell do you do accents on an amreican computer?) when i saw the trailer for The Lookout (mostly on Joe's behalf; it's so mainstream!) keep me posted on the when and where, i'll try to make it.

oh, um, hi!
use the HTML escape sequences http://www.html-reference.com/Escape.htm
Or use character map to copy and paste. ;)

Yay for a Dan who is so much less geographically challenged for our convenience!
Our mixers are very proud of it :)
Congrats to your brother. The movie has gotten great reviews! That's wonderful!

Hello! Would love to hear about your trip sometime. I saw the mango video and laughed my butt off.
Good to see a post from you again!
Brother Joe is really knocking them out of the park. BRICK was tremendous, and I've heard equally hot things about THE LOOKOUT. I will definitely be seeing it this weekend to help bump the opening gross. Proud times indeed.
Funny, I have been reading your LJ for over a year now, enjoying your infrequent posts, and especially your photos. Had no idea your brother was someone whose work I also enjoy a great deal. We're going to see The Lookout today.

Welcome home :)

Hey, welcome home! :)

I would definitely be interested in seeing The Lookout if you make it a smallish todo! Keep me posted.

Welcome home Dan!
I thought you might be here, and tried to call, but alas your phone is not turned on. Scott and I would love to see "The Lookout" with you, and I would also like to spend some time with you.

Please call!
If we're ever in the same city again, I'd love to hear about Thailand, as it's on my list of must do places. Welcome home (I'm in Honduras) and congrats to Joe!
he's such a "cool" star. You know, with the being-in-quality-movies and stuff. It's like he's a god among the people I want to hang out with, and the tabloid readers don't know who the crap he is. Isn't that the best kind of celebrity to be?