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Learn Flow Arts/Fire Spinning - Have fun getting your body, mind and spirit in shape!

have you seen me spin fire? or heard tell of my fire spinning exploits?
I was about to ask if you've seen photos of fire spinning that I've posted here... but I just looked and find that I've been totally remiss in sharing that part of my life with you. I apologize. I intend to make up for it. So check the bottom of this post for a small catch-up of fire spinning photos.

you can do that.
let me say that again.
YOU. the one sitting in your chair and wearing your underwear (or not). the one staring slack-jawed with awe at your monitor right now. YOU. can. do. that.

for the last loooong time, I've been talking about starting a Flow Arts / Fire Spinning school. I started spinning fire just over 6 years ago and it's completely given me my beautiful life. almost all the travel you've read about here? going to visit fire spinners. I am MUCH more confident, patient, adept, cool and all of the good parts about me than I was 6 years ago... largely due to the influence of fire spinning and my fire spinning friends. seriously -- I know a couple hundred AWESOME Flow Artists around the world... the ones who have clearly made it their personal practice and put in a lot of time spinning these things about. out of that couple hundred, not a single one of them is a jerk. Flow Artists are the most creative, giving, kind, communal-minded awesome set of folks I know. literally - out of more than 200 people, not a single jerk. try to assemble a group of 20 randoms with no jerks...

I've collaborated with others to create Flow Temple to share this practice. we've done all sorts of prep, philosophizing, system development, training, practicing, etc and now we're ready to start teaching classes.

November 9 is the beginning of our inaugural semester! and YOU can be part of it. We're teaching 5 different classes in various Flow Arts. Check out videos of the various tools in action and see which appeals to you most. and go for it!

In addition to fire spinning being a sexy performance art, we call this overall practice Flow Arts because the benefits you get from this practice are more like yoga -- fitness, confidence, patience, focus, life harmony. You train in Flowing in life. I honestly feel like this is the next big thing... I feel like europeans who visited india 50 years ago and wanted to spread yoga because they thought their buddies back home would dig it and benefit.

Flow Arts is a hip, hot, fast growing fitness meditation practice that puts bodies in balance and motion. it blends meditation, play, exercise and dance into a fun and healthful activity that moves the body and stills the mind. It is movement with an external focus that puts you "in the zone" or, as we like to say, in the Flow. It's like yoga, tai chi, dance and juggling all rolled into Fun! Flow Arts improves dexterity, focus, coordination, body awareness, spatial skills and promotes brain plasticity. it is grounding wellness practice that is also a sexy performance art.

fun, healthy and energizing classes are available in Poi, Staff, Hoop, Meteor and Juggling Sticks. (see website for photos, schedule, and description of the individual tools and classes) all six-week courses are taught by internationally recognized Flow Artists and fire dancers. an optional seventh session at the beach will be available for anyone who wants to spin fire, and will include expert fire safety training and I'll make a photo of YOU dancing with FIRE. check out the bottom of this post for some examples of photos I've done. I'll make you an awesome keepsake photo to commemorate your first experience spinning fire. imagine the slack-jawed stare of awe upon the face of your spouse, friends, co-workers or mom if they saw YOU in a picture like that!

classes are geared at your exact level if you've never tried any Flow Arts, but advanced practitioners who have taken our classes have reported benefit from our novel approach. classes will work for you even if you think you're not coordinated, not graceful, can't dance or anything else -- I've been teaching my 65 year old mother (who didn't wanna for all those reasons) and she loves it.

classes are on Sundays (with different classes starting at different times during the day) & Monday nights in Hollywood starting November 9 - see our website for schedule.

the entire 7 week experience is $140 ($120 if you prefer to skip the fire session). If you do not have the Flow tool of the class you've chosen, we'll sell you one special discount materials fee tool for the low low bargain basement price of only $20.

the price includes a daily coaching/encouraging/motivating/reminding-to-practice phone call unless you prefer that not happen. it includes my and your teacher's commitment to your success and enjoyment.

Flow Arts practice also helps you conquer the procrastination habit. starting now! go check out our webpage and email us about signing up right now.
Flow Temple

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