dan (dan501) wrote,

'zoline 'zoline 'zoline

as I went to go find the link to the journal entry that I'd written asking people about words they'd made up, in order to point out that 'zoline is a word I co-made up with my brother, I realized I never wrote it. bummer.

'zoline is a 3 meaning word. it's short for trampoline. it can be used just like the noun of a big sproingy thing on which you have sex (or flip). further, it can be used as the verb of the bouncing you do on a 'zoline.
what are you doing for lunch?
I'm going home to ~ (what's up with dictionaries substituting ~ for the word in question in example sentences?) and lastly, it can be used as a verb in the present tense rather than infinitive. like I'm going 'zoline. as if the ine at the end were really ing and the verb were to 'zol.

anyway. at my parents house, there has been a dilapidated 'zoline for a long time. we got it new years ago and I used it for a while. but then I stopped using it and it got stored vertically and got entwined with a tree. whitney and I tried to restore it to its former glory a while ago but it was too big and entwined. we succumbed to the immovable object.

I was stopping by my parents house yesterday and I saw professional movers next door finishing up. so I waited until they were done and then bribed them to help me.

so now I have a working, though dirty, big trampoline in my parents backyard. my plan is to 'zoline at least 3 or 4 times per week during lunch. it's to be a central part of my cardiovascular fitness program.

right now, within a 1 block stretch of ventura, there are 3 aaaaahs stores. they just opened a new one there and one is closing. so there's a sale. so I went in yesterday and got a bunch of stuff. most notably, a huge leopard print beanbag for my living room.

I expected it to be difficult to move the thing back to my apartment in my car. when I tried, it proved virtually impossible. with the top down, I put the beanbag in the passenger seat. it reached about a foot over the top of the windshield. it was smushed up against the passenger door and still spilled over to my side to about the middle of the driver's seat.

check it...

I could have driven home like that. but it would have been legitimately dangerous. I wouldn't have been able to see ANYTHING to my right and shifting would have been almost impossible. since it was only about a 2 minute drive, I really considered it. but, contrary to the norm, good sense overcame my sense of adventure and I carried it home. then I came back for my car.

the carrying home was immensely amusing. I got the strangest stares. lots of people pointed and whispered.

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