dan (dan501) wrote,

I look french

sunday 2:30 pm
right now, I'm wearing a very french looking black sweater. it goes with my black jeans and orange converse.

the airport rocked. first, I saw a LONG (45 minutes?) line for the air france ticket counter. since I had no bags to check, I figured I could skip that line, right? not without some finagling. I walked to the security guards guarding the hallway to the gates. they wouldnt let me through without a boarding pass. where do I get a boarding pass? at the end of the 45 minute rainbow. so I walk to the front of the rainbow and stand in the 1st class line behind the one first-classer - my ticket aint first class. after a while I was up and asked the guy, in french, if I need to check in here since I have no bags to check or if I can waltz to the gate. he answers, in english (fucker), that he can help me here and I need not wait in line. I was a touch nervous, expecting him to say (in english), "oh... a coach ticket, eh (french canadian?)? you want to go to the other end of the rainbow." but he started telling me that I have a vegan meal (d'oh!) and a window seat. I didn't inquire about what happened to my eggs and dairy, but I did ask if there was a window seat in an exit row. I ended up with what was, to me, the best seat this side of first class - the coveted window exit aisle.

then I had to go through security. that was an adventure. last time I was travelling, they told me that my camera and film had to go through the xray machine and it was safe up to ASA 1000 (pretty high speed film that most people wouldn't have). at that time, in LAX, I decided that next time I was flying, I'd have some faster film and not go through the xray thing. so I brought some 3200 with me (and because I hope to go visit the catacombs under paris). when I told her that I didn't want to put my camera through the xray, she gave me the same dubious challenging "and what speed is your film, little boy?" that I got last time. the ooooh and the face I got when I said 3200 was worth the price of admission. I ran my other stuff through the xray and carried my camera and film through the metal detector. as I tried to explain to them, of course the cqmera set off the metal detector. they frisked me and metal-detector wanded me. they sniffed my camera and film with bomb detecting cloth. security was muck more entertaining and much longer than it usually is.

then I met a cool german chick named something I couldn't pronounce, "but in america, people call me birthie." we talked for almost two hours. I took a few pictures of her and showed her my little photoalbumfolio and we discussed differences in german and ucsbian culture. she looks really sexy doing both the american and international (or maybe it was only german) rhumba (or the rumba as I learned). her email address comes from a terry pratchett character. we talked about maybe me going to visit her in germany during this vacation in paris. that sounds great, except that when I checked mapquest it was about 900 kilometers from paris to her town. unless I misheard/misspelled the name of her town or something. perhaps some other trip.

when I got on the plane, I was subject to "random search" for the secon plane trip in a row.

the guy next to me on the plane got plastered on free air france wine and champagne and snored.

in paris, I successfully asked for an ATM. and I told the taxi driver the address in french and not only did he understand on the first try, he didn't start talking to me in english. rock on. he was from zaire - now one of my favorite french accents.

it rained yesterday as we ate mall quality food in a brasserie near the notre dame cathedral. it sucked.

mustard count:
7 (6 of them in a sampler)

photo count
about 25 film
about 15 digital

other inventory
black froggy sweater
3 pairs of socks

a bientot
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