dan (dan501) wrote,

still in paris. done a lot of walking around. today my brother has been sleeping and I've been walking and metroing around. I accidentally ended up at the eiffel tower. how do you get there without noticing you're about to be right there? practice practice practice.

I am now in the same webbar that I used a lot when I was in paris last time. I had no idea webbars were so scarce or so well camoflauged. I've been meandering for hours wtihout seeing one.

I've been talking to the tech support of the internet branch of france telecom. the place we're staying has dsl, but it's not working with my brother's laptop. I've had several calls in french over a bad cellphone connection. it's been quite amusing. even though it's not working yet, I still feel somewhat triumphant in the french department. if I get it working, I'll feel like I rocked the casbah.

I learned the words for
clicked - cochet
unclicked - decochet
connected - abonne'
to connect - abonner

I'm going to see a free showing of 2001 in the park tonight.

when I get back, I'm going to organize at least one showing of fellini movies. when I get around to it.
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