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childhood fallacies

I recently visited with my longest standing friend. I've known him since I was about 7. In thinking about my childhood, I remembered a couple what I call "childhood fallacies." these are mistruths that are told to you by one of your young peers on the playground. in some cases, they know the truth and they're just screwing wtih you. in other cases, they are honestly misinformed themselves. often it's a sexual topic, sometimes not...

so... what childhood fallacies do you remember believing?

1. a woman's g-spot is a bundle of nerves located somewhere in the woman. the location completely varies from woman to woman. ie, for some, it's in their knee. for others, in their neck, for others, in the schmelbow (I think honest misinformation)

2. when boys reach a certain age, they start to pee blood once in a while. I think they were messing with me. thankfully, I was an honest lad and when they asked if I'd started peeing blood yet, I answered that I had not rather than trying to impress them with how far along into puberty I was.

damnit... I can't remember the best one. I recently came to accept as mistruth something I'd thought of as true for most of my life. when I remember it, I'll post it later.
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