dan (dan501) wrote,

I went to a dinner party last night with 4 french people and my brother. hardly any english was spoken. I kept up wtih almost all of it - except when two of the french guys got into a somewhat impassioned (read: really fast) discussion.

by running, we BARELY caught the last metro home. we dawdled in the metro stop by our apartment and when we went to leave, the door was locked. we looked for an exit for several minutes and were just about resigned to sleeping in the metro when some guys walked up on The Outside. we asked them what one does when one is caught in the metro like this. they said sleep there. it's only 4 hours until it opens. but as it turns out, they were scrwing wiht us as they had keys and let us out.

we're probably going to a french molliere play tonight. wtiht he same group of french folk. think there will be subtitles?

every day that I've been here, I start out by saying that I want to buy a keyring and get a haircut today. so far, neither has happened.
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