dan (dan501) wrote,

home again, home again...

I met a REALLY cute french girl on the plane from paris to LA. unfortunately, she's out here visiting her boyfriend. I don't know how they do it... her boyfriend doesn't speak french and her english seemed about on par with my french. I don't know how effective a relationship I could have with someone who spoke french but no english. even on silly things, she and I had trouble sometimes due to shortcomings in her english/my french. we'd try to explain things to each other to find the word in the other language and fail. as teaa astutely pointed out, maybe they just don't do all that much talking. so it goes.

I got my didgeridoo and high speed film through paris security and LA customs without tremendous difficulty.

I got the pack of camels back without significant crushage.

I picked up a silly eiffel tower trinket for a friend's mom.

I took 5 and a half rolls of film. that's about 2 less than what I wanted. I was shooting (ha!) for a roll per day. so it goes.

I am now feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that needs doing in the next 3 weeks. so it goes.
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