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hedwig and birthdays and surprises - oh my.

this is a REALLY long entry. it covers the hedwig show, my birthday, today's cosmic wrongness, and includes a couple of pictures.

hedwig was a really good show. even though in both of my scenes, either scott or I cracked up. when I whipped out the new and improved giant bag of gummi bears, scott, whose back was to the audience, said "oh fuck! that's huge." and I laughed. damn him. however, during the other scene, I made huge arm gestures for the "the airplane is coming in the to hangar" thing and he laughed. ha.

the drag king show was great. the eventual winner and I made eyes at each other as I was walking about with the military one. I never got a chance to talk to her - rats.

I think the audience needs to do more fabulous dressing up.

maybe sometime soon, I'll get a chance to go through the pictures of the june show as well as the pictures of the july show. dude, I'm behind. for the first time at hedwig, I took a bunch of film pictures too. I'm curious to see how those turn out.

my friend from long ago, mo, came and saw the show. she lives in san francisco now and I rarely see her. but she was there and enthusiastic and supportive. she's an excellent writer and y'all should go dig her journal

then saturday was my birthday. I spent the day cleaning, shopping, preparing. my roommate kicked ass and put together a very real looking table of food. and thank you teaa for assorted help throughout the day and most of the night. I got fabulous presents. I set out my copy of Dr Seuss' Sleep Book and told people to sign it like a yearbook. there were A LOT of people there that I didn't know - that was amusing. I got drunk for the first time in a while. though not as drunk as I would have gotten had I not lost my last drink. and not as drunk as teaa believes. mo showed up at my birthday clambake also. nice to see her again. I went to sleep at like 6ish.

I woke up to my phone ringing at around 11. whitney was calling me to wake up and prepare myself for our surprise outing today. friday, she asked me if I wanted to go on an outing today. several of our friends were going to be in drag queen traffic school today. so off I was whisked for a surprise. basically, we drove to the middle of nowhere. when we turned east on the 118, I had no clue where we could be going and what was in store for us once we got there. it wasn't until we got to the actual place, and I saw some signage, that I figured out what we were to do.

hang gliding. that rocks. I've been wanting to hang glide for quite some time. not only is hang gliding cool, but the desert scenery made good (hopefully) fodder for my landscape assignment in photoclass. so far, I'm WAY more drawn to portraiture than landscapture. there's no way that I'm going to get the film back by tuesday's class, but that's what they get for moving the class from thursday nights to tuesday nights. fuckers. a lot of the ride up to the dropzone was on a one-car-wide, mountains to the left of me, cliffs to the right type dirt road. stu was not putting in his best work and the road was quite bouncy.

anyway, hang gliding didn't happen. this morning, our instructor went bowling, hurt his back, and didn't bother to call and tell us that there's a decent chance that he ain't flying. and you thought hang gliding was a dangerous sport. after we'd been there for a little while, he told us that he'd try, but that it might not happen. dude. on the van ride back down the mountain, the instructor guy said "I'm embarrassed... this has never happened to me." I told him that it's understandable and that it happens to all guys, but that when it does, all the guys say "this has never happened to me." he didn't get it. his girlfriend/partner laughed a lot though. just like sound and fury say, "how come only the girls laughed at that joke?"

so.. up the mountain. hang out. down the mountain. go home. all the while taking pictures and getting sunburned.

hang gliding was part of the cosmic "stuff will go wrong today" day that was today. the traffic school contingent had issues. they couldn't find the traffic school and missed it. they spilled coffee in their collective shoes. they got a parking ticket and a flat tire. all this makes me a little bit glad that hang gliding didn't happen... it's one thing to have a bad traffic schooling. it's another thing, entirely, to have a bad hang gliding. or hang plummeting as it's known.

then we hung out and watched movies. that went without any major mishaps.

on the way home, I saw a bad ass accident involving two cars and a union 76. I felt a little bad about taking pictures... but whatever.

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