dan (dan501) wrote,

why don't we do it On the road?

I got back from burning man last night.
oh my god, becky... it was the best thing ever.
the theme song for the trip turned out to be why don't we do it in the road (hence the subject).

last year, a bunch of friends went to burning man and I, like this little piggy, stayed home. upon their triumphant return, one of those friends told me that I should go next year - it will change my life.

I thought to myself... I understand it's cool. there's all sorts of outlandish and amazing looking art structures, all sorts of fun things to see and do and experience. all sorts of neat people to meet. but I didn't get the life changing part. I mean, in a way, disneyland fits those same descriptions and most people don't call time spent at disneyland life changing. I started the burning man thing very optimistic about having a good time, but quite dubious about the change your life part.

this is going to take a while to tell - this is but the first of several entries. pictures will come soonish.

I had the most amazing week+. allow me to ellaborate ...

despite some shopping and thinking and preparing, and dropping off the trampoline friday night, the real experience started saturday. I packed, I shopped, I got everything together. I helped pick up rental cars, I shopped some more, I packed some more. primarily lizz, whitney and cassandra were nice enought to help me pack and vacuum seal stuff into ziploc baggies to be put in big plastic bins. and so begins the giving society to which we were headed.

my brother, who lives in new york, who I don't get to see often enough, visited us the home in which we were collaboratively packing. cassandra gave him a great speech about why he should come rather than visiting friends in the bay area. it appeared to almost work - but alas. he wouldn't be joining us.

people helped make me contact cards... ie, cards with my name, email and campname. those are for people who I want to contact me after burning man. their primary use turned out to be mostly for people who took pictures of me. though others were given cards as well.

saturday night, we all slept at said house/staging area. the lizz cuddling was a good start. sweet departure was ours sunday morning.

on the way, we stopped at various stores next to my house. I got a monopod, some slide film, a sandwich, the white album, an 80s compilation, jamba juice, and a rainbow wig. others got other stuff.

then the road.

on the way, we realized that a couple of minor items were forgotten. specifically, rebar to secure the domes to the ground (think mega tent spikes) and one admission ticket. the ticket was no problem - one of our ticketless later comers used his ticket and we bought a new one. the rebar is more interesting.

we called one of our later comers and asked her to hunt down a home depot between here (bakersfieldish?) and reno. we settled on one in manteca and got directions. after walking in and walking around a bunch, we found the rebar. to properly use the rebar, we had to bend it. for those of you who have held rebar - imagine bending it. it's no mean feat. but the home depot employees we sweet-talked were nice enough to let us borrow their brand-new-for-sale rebar benders (a lot like a big heavy pipe with some nubs for fulcroms). we start bending rebar. it ain't easy. we use more rebar benders... all in all, we scuffed the bejeesesus out of 4 brand new rebar benders. some of the home depot guys offer to lend their elbow grease to the task. we and several home depot employees are bending our rebar. remember that giving thing? well this home depot kicked ass at it. not only were they helpful, but they were all downright friendly.

cassandra gave one of them a rubber chicken.

by the time we're done with all the bending, we're a kickass rebard bending crew. next time you need rebar bent, call me.

we continue on to reno. we drive around a bit in the biggest little city in the world. we ended up staying at the circus circus and eating crappy hotel/casino coffee shop food. however, all was not a waste: we didn't eat until after we visited the gift shops and bought some cheezy blinky hats.

I figured tomorrow was going to be a busy dome setting up day and so, for the first time since I was 17, I was in a gambling town and didn't gamble once.

this point in our story brings us to the end of sunday night, at the circus circus in reno. our plan for tomorrow is to go to the burning man central supermarket of reno, buy a ton of water and last minute supplies then drive to burning man.

more to tell later.
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