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why don't we do it with a toad (stool)


tuesday was the last big setup day. we set up the small dome. we built the shade structure. I jumped on the trampoline.

we did some walking around. we did some getting oriented. we went to go visit friends at the bayou (a camp with a fountain and a bunch of our friends) and ran into a kickass bluegrass band called 600 pounds of beardo. amongst other things, they sang barnacle bill the sailor which has been stuck in my head on and off since then. they were excellent performers. cassandra did the polka with some guy who introduced himself as "the artist."

I made plans to take a trip with some folks that night.

sat around center camp with whitney and cassandra and watched various impromptu performances.

about half an hour before I'm supposed to meet up with the trip folk, I head over to where they're camped. problem is, I don't exactly remember where they're camped. I still wasn't really in tune with BM geography. so I wander this way and that and don't make much progress. I ask lots and lots and lots of people and get 1 + lots and lots and lots of opinions. I eventually found it... about half an hour late. even though I was pretty late, I was pretty confident that I wouldn't be the last one there.

when I got there, it turned out I was right. we waited for a bunch of people and didn't get started until 10ish instead of 8ish. about what I expected.

the most memorable part of the trip was sitting on a bed in the corner of an RV, with really cool loud music, giving a girl a backrub. the music, what I was seeing, and the backrub all got completely intertwined and I completely lost myself in all 3 at once. it was the best back rub for me that I've ever given.

later, I rode a bike to the privy. I hadn't ridden a bike in years. it was so exhilarating. I'm totally bringing a bike next year. there's not even a little bit of question about that. I really wish I'd had a bike this year. about a 2 minute walk from the rv, and visible from right outside the rv was this huge projection dome. imagine a dome with a base diameter of about 40 feet and a height of about 20 feet. impressive structure - especially for the middle of the desert. now imagine someone projecting a contiguous image on the entire dome. from all angles. oh my god - it was impressive. and they were showing cool psychedelic projections with loud music. throughout the night, we kept planning to go there. we went there a little bit in our wanderings. it was simply amazing.

the majority of our time was spent inside the RV... hanging out, talking, listening to music, cuddling, etc. toward the end, I was going to go wandering with one or more participants. it took forever to get going. we eventually did.. wandering didn't last as long as I want before people were saying they were heading back to go to sleep. so I wandered off on my own.

I got caught fishing. ok... so I was walking along the esplanade (the biggest street) and I saw a glowstick on the ground. I picked it up for 2 reasons. A) I was carrying a red and a blue glowstick and this one was purple. how cool is that? B) someone should use it and then throw it away properly; might as well be me. so I pick up the glowstick and then from about 30 feet away, I hear this shouting about "fish on!" and "we got a live one!" and I look over to see a guy with a fishing pole connected to my bait/glowstick by an imaginary fishing line. they were trying to catch me. I played along. I energetically "swam" back and forth and around and side to side and around the back of them and put up quite a fight. in the end, I was successfully caught and reeled back into their camp. they measured me and declared that I'm 6'2 - a new record. well isn't that special. then they invited me to either stay with them fishing or participate in the catch and release program. I stayed for a while... twice they lost their bait as someone picked it up and ignored the "fish on!" shouts and walked off with the glowstick. both times I gave them one of my already lit glowsticks. after about 15 minutes of shouting TNN style fishing encouragement, I went back to camp for beddy bye.

natasha and liz had arrived mere minutes before I got there. they were unpacking. when they were done unpacking, someting went wrong and the rental car's alarm sounded. it was like 3 or 4 am. nobody could figure out how to shut it off. I stood there laughing - pretty useless as far as helping them silence the car. they tried starting the car, no avail. they tried every button on the clicky-click, no avail. they were in the process of removing the car battery when a stranger figured it out. it turned out the batteries on the clicky-click were really low and you had to be like right up against the car to get them to work. so this car alarm had been beeper-boppering for a long time and disturbing countless people. oh what fun!

on my way to the privy, I ran into cassandra and whitney, whom I hadn't seen for what felt like a really long time. liz and I debated staying up to see the sun rise. we ended up not. in fact, although I was awake for several sunrises, I never actually saw a sunrise during the entire week.

instead of sunrise, I went back to the dome and hung out with cassandra, whitney and liz eating trailmix. I decided that the best trailmix bite is 2 raisins and 1 m&m. after trailmix, I fooled around with a cute girl. a marvelous end to a fun-filled evening.
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