dan (dan501) wrote,


I keep having new interests I want to add and I keep having the maximum number of interests allowed.

it has become a project to look through all my interests and decide which to sacrifice as I add new ones.

I've started keeping a list of ditched interests in my bio. maybe I'll add "ditched interests" as an interest.

one of my interests is "interests only I have." I thought of it independently, but when I added it, I found that I screwed up one other person's interest in it - he was previously the only one to list that interest. for some reason, I am now the only one with that interest. I don't know if he deleted his account, got tired of that interest (in the ditched interest sense), or became disenchanted when he was no longer the only one with that interest.

have you noticed that the only things hobohemian and nurseroseweasel write in their journals are interests?
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