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I was sitting around in the shade structure with a bunch of people. I finally got around to reading the schedule of stuff that can be done - as opposed to wandering and stopping where I pleased. I wrote down 5 things that I wanted to go do.

1. pole dancing and belly dancing lesson.
I should totally learn how to dance on a pole. whenever I try it, I get compliments (thank you gymnastics), but I've always felt like I could do it way better. and what better way to impress people than pole dancing?

2. name that tv tune.
a drinking game of name that tune with tv theme songs. unless they used shows within the last few years, I'd kick ass. they wanted me and natasha to go together - I'd take her down, man.

3. reading of the lorax.
my favorite dr seuss book for most of my life. it has since been overtaken by green eggs and ham as GE&H espouses a message more personal to me than the lorax's. they did a reading of the lorax every day. they passed the book around and everyone read, but they didn't act it out. I kind of wanted everyone to act it out. it was still beautiful though. we talked about me camping with them next year. probably won't - but who knows.

4. truth in dating
cheesy? you betcha. but you're talking to someone who reads LA weekly personal ads - especially chance meetings. in fact, I used to read every single (ha!) personal ad in the la weekly every single week. I did it for the entertainment, not to think about calling anybody. but I have always enjoyed things about dating like that... love advice, sex advice, etc. I read cosmo when I'm in line at the supermarket, for pete's sake. I can't tell you how many times I've read about the 6 hot things your guy will beg you to try tonight!

5. wet t shirt contest
I'm disappointed in myself for this, but I've never been to a wet t shirt contest. I've always wanted to, but I've never made it. the closest I've come is new orleans for mardi gras. at mardi gras and at strip clubs, I learned that I get a sort of unpleasant dirty feeling when I'm "asking" people to strip in that context. I can't describe the context or the feeling, exactly. but you know how when girls go to strip clubs they laugh and scream and it's a party atmosphere? and you know how when guys go to strip clubs, they sit there quietly and look like they're ashamed to be there and hope that nobody notices them... I assume that others feel the same unpleasant feeling I do and that causes them to have a look on their face like they don't want their mother to know what they're doing. I think that at burning man, that vibe could potentially be reduced or eliminated. I think that it would be a much more positive vibe and I wouldn't have any concern that the girls didn't want to be there, or that they were there to support their crack habit or anything else negative. anyway... who wants to go find a wet t shirt contest in la?

the other thing, which I knew about, but didn't write down was pancakes. every day from about 10-noon, one camp would serve pancakes. at some point, every single night I was there, I uttered "Tomorrow Is The Day! I'm Getting Up And Making It To Pancakes." I was up before noon every single day, but I only got to pancakes twice. it was sooo worth it. I should have gotten pancakes every day. next year.

wednesday was not one of the days I made it to pancakes.

wednesday was the day that one of the kids hurt himself on the zoline. actually, now that I think about it, I am pretty sure that this happened tuesday. so imagine this was in the previous post. here's some backstory...

pretty much as soon as the zoline was set up, strangers were jumping on it. in particular, there was a set of 4 kids, at least one of whom lived right next door, who were there A LOT. the first day, when I saw the kids zoline unsupervised, I went and had a little chat with them. on the one hand, I didn't want to be a fuddy duddy. on the other hand, I didn't want them to hurt themselves and have their parents not know what's up and blame me or something bad. I asked them if their parents knew where they were and if it was ok with them that they're bouncing unsupervised. we talked a little bit and I ended with a sarcastic, "you can't jump if you're going to hurt yourself" which was later augmented by natasha to "if you die, you can't jump anymore."

I didn't have any warnings on the zoline, other than that which came with it on stickers. I was missing the part with the red circle slash picture of someone landing on their head. but I think that's implied. what I really wanted to do was put a warning on it that said "your pupils must be at least this small to ride this ride" and an invitation to have sex on it. but I never got around to either. next year.

I got a call on the radio that one of the kids hurt himself. I cared. I didn't want anybody to hurt themself. but I also kind of knew it would happen. I was watching how they were playing and the tricks they were doing and there was really no way that all of them would escape unscathed. I tried to warn them, but they didn't listen. I know I wouldn't have listened to me when I was their age. then again, I wouldn't listen to me now, either. so I got the call on the radio that one of them hurt himself and there was an ambulance at our camp (pay attention - this will be important later in the movie). I tried to not let it bother me. I knew there was nothing I could do. so I said to my campmate on the radio, darn... and I told them not to hurt themselves.

(remember that happened tuesday - yesterday. back to wednesday...)

I was farrish from camp when I overheard little bits and pieces of radio conversation. what I heard was
blocked windpipe
can still breathe

uhhhhh. I headed back to camp. as it turned out, one of my campmates had inhaled a grape. he was fine, but worried. throughout the ordeal, he could still breathe, but he was concerned. by the time I got there, the ambulance was about to leave and everything was ok.

there were jokes about having an ambulance there once per day and who's next (not it).

I think that beth and rich showed up before wednesday. probably tuesday. there was a separate contingent of people in our quaint little YouAreHere camp. I don't know how they knew us - they came from san diego. the first of whom to arrive were beth and rich.

beth and rich are a cute friendly couple. I don't think I ever got what she does, but he's a massage therapist. she made a bunch of necklaces, bracelets and charms during the week. they were nice, friendly, helpful, good company, and all positive. they even didn't mind when they were the primary victims of the car alarm thing last night. as part of the alarm system, the headlights flashed. the car was pointing straight at their tent and about 5 feet away. the headlights were aimed RIGHT AT THEM.

others of that contingent showed up wednesday. brett jackson. he has a two name high school name. I know several people who are always addressed by first and last name. like hey brett jackson, pass me the butter. it's the opposite of me. I avoid using a last name whenever it's at all possible. whitney and I both independently came up with calling him brett jackson if you're nasty. he reminded me a bit of myself. adventurous and enthusiastic.

david - if you ever run into him, have him sing for you. request his michael jackson tribute. I heard him sing and he's great. but I missed the mj thing. next year.

and 10-15 other cool people. every single person in our camp was cool.

wednesday night was the first real dinner. prepared by our cordon bleu chefs to be natasha and lizz. it was called glorp. it has nothing to do with gorp. check it out.

I went wandering late that night and ran into megan. she and I walked and talked for a couple of hours. with megan was the only time that I ventured lower (in degree numbers) than 150. I visited thunderdome, illumi-naughty, barbie death camp, an american bandstand style dance club with amazing dancers and playing a lot of music that reminded me of the white stripes... but it was all older music that the white stripes sometimes try to sound like. we settle down to watch a cheesy space tv show projected on a big dome...

then I went back to the dome for sleepy time.

PS sorry that was so long
PPS I say that to all the girls
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