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this past weekend I did a few cool things that turned out to be very rewarding to me.

1. friday night was the now monthly art show at rue moutarde. jelly showed some amazing photos and paintings and the coolest application of pine needles I've ever seen. it was a lot of fun. the most rewarding part was the thank you though. she was so excited (and lots of people were excited for her) that she was showing her work to all these people and the gallery attendees really appreciated it and complimented her. she was so happy that I'd provided impetus, opportunity and chinese food (with the exception of chinese food, my co-producer karinlewicki provided that stuff too). so I got a super sincere thank you that was incredibly gratifying.

2. I'd forgotten to buy black suspenders (to go with the zoot suit). so I called my friend michael and asked to borrow some suspenders. I called him friday and said I needed them by saturday night. he told me he was ill but I could come get suspenders whenever. as it turned out, later on friday, I stopped by iguana and got appropriate suspenders. so I no longer needed to borrow suspenders. saturday day, I went to the photo lab to pick up and drop off film. the photo store is only 5 minutes or so from his house. so I stopped by art's deli and got him chicken noodle soup and brought it to him. his eyes lit up like you wouldn't believe for a sick guy. he told me about how chicken noodle soup is the thing that heals him from illness. but that lately, he's had trouble because jerry's famous deli is closed due to fire/remodeling and so they no longer deliver. so he was specifically craving art's deli chicken noodle soup and had nobody to go get it for him. that's when I showed up at his door bearing art's chicken noodle soup. I didn't know any of this until I got there. I just happened to bring him the right thing at the right time. another really sincere thank you and "this soup is a godsend" type michaelisms.

3. last night, I went and visited with a friend who I met at burning man. I forget what, but I'd paid for something of hers at some point and we worked out that she'd repay me by cooking me dinner. I was REALLY looking forward to dinner - she's a chef student at le cordon bleu. anyway, I brought flowers and wine (finding the wine was an adventure) and a corkscrew and cool wine glasses that whitney and cassandra gave me as a present and pictures I'd taken at burning man.

dinner was excellent. dessert was one of the best desserts I'd ever tasted. the dessert wine I brought (thank you natasha) went SOOOO well with the chocolate cake and fruity topping that she'd made. it was the first time I'd ever had wine mix with any food in my mouth and produce anything other than a really strong horrible alcohol flavor. and it was wonderful.

she ooh'd and aah'd over the cool wine glasses. so I gave them to her (W&C - not that I didn't appreciate them myself).

then we went through burning man pictures and cuddled and relived stories. we were both all awash in the glow of burning man. I don't know if homesick is a term that a lot of people use to describe missing burning man. but it's clever (the greeters all say "welcome home" when you arrive at burning man) and it really applies. I used it in a post a while ago. she used homesick last night and I thought that was cute.

so my burning tree cup is pretty refilled.
I'm feeling groovy.
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