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perfect timing

so today I decided that from now on, I will transcribe all the fortunes I get into this journal. at the time that I decided this, I really only had fortune cookies in mind. for a long time, I've saved my favorite fortune cookie fortunes. the actual paper. I've also lost most of them.

I was looking around my desk today and found my most recently saved fortune and that's what inspired me to log all future fortunes.
be content with your lot - you cannot be first in everything.


I decided that I'd log all fortunes into my journal. later in the day, I was hanging out with teaa, rydot and whitney and lo some jones soda appeared. as we all know, jones soda has cool fortunes on the underside of their bottlecaps.

I decided that jones sodas would be another source of fortunes for my fortune logging endeavor. since the jones soda in question was rydot's, I didn't pay enough attention to memorize it because I wasn't going to log it.

then, I was talking to boymaenad and out came that quasi fortune interesting word usement. I requested repetition for the sake of transcription. unable to repeat it exactly, we spent a couple of minutes trying to recreate it to the best of our ability.

I can't think of a better day to have made the fortune posting decision. it was like a celestine coincidence.
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