dan (dan501) wrote,

since learning of my interest in photography (ha!) and seeing some of the pictures I've done, several friends have asked me to do headshots or photoshoots of them.

up until monday, I hadn't done any of them but I was really looking forward to it. that I hadn't gotten together the time to actually make an appointment and do such a shoot was not a reflection on my desire to do it. I've just been busy.

anyway... monday night from about 10pm - 4am, I did a headshot shoot.

I got the results today. I was totally nervous that I'd screwed something up and none of the shots would be worthwhile. I was nervous about how that would reflect on my skillz. but I was more concerned about showing someone a bunch of pictures of themself in which they felt unattractive. I mean, I knew it was my first try and I was bound to make plenty of mistakes... and even though someone might rationally understand that, if I showed them a bunch of unattractive shots of themself as a result, I'm sure it wouldn't be taken that well.

after reviewing the shots, I'm pretty happy. some of them are definitely usable. I have plenty of things to work on and do differently, and I'm sure I'll do better next time, I'm really pleased wtih some of the shots.
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