dan (dan501) wrote,

long weekend - I'm tuckered out.

this was one full weekend.

so I get a call at work on friday around 3 oclock and my brother tells me he's in town for the weekend. the first thing I told him is that he's coming to clue. he agreed and we were on our way - he was looking very good. so was I, I must say.

after work, I had dinner with whitney, cassandra, teaa, jason, and newcomers mike and michelle. I tried an eggplant dish at the 7-11 indian food place. unfortunately, contrary to the good eggplant dish they serve there, this eggplant dish tasted like eggplant. on the positive side, it was served steaming fajita style.

then I went home, threw together a mr boddy costume and left for clue. I was home for maybe 10 minutes. then I carpooled to clue with whitney and cassandra.

clue rocked. other than the "boobs" guys, the callbacks were funny. actually, other than "boobs", the boobs guys were funny too. I was impressed that SO many people laughed when I told ms scarlett to sing chicago illinois. the cast was amazing. y'all get 3 snaps up in Z formation.

after clue, I went back to my parents house with my brother and an oldschool friend of his. we watched a dvd my brother made. it was old videos he and his friends made in high school that he recently edited on his high fallutin' video editing rig.

so at the last minute before I go to sleep on friday night - around 4 oclock - I remember a key fact. my french class, which was to start in 5 hours, was cancelled.

so I get to sleep around 5:30ish friday morning and sleep in until 10:30ish. I woke up and after a short while, headed to the darkroom. I got half of my assignment printed and I dropped off film which included some clue pictures and some homework stuff.

sunday morning - I wake up and as I'm about to leave my house for the darkroom around 11:30ish, my brother called and said he's on a break and I should come check this place out. this place, as it turns out, is the feature animation building of disney... you know the big blue fantasia hat you see when you drive on the 134? that building. that building kicks a heap of ass. there's art all of the place. art from disney past. art of disney present. art of disney future. there's also a ton of art o the wall that was just what some of the artists brought in to hang up - like they made it for themselves, not for work. I am dar sure I saw a sketch of cassandra. my brother thought it looked like her too.

I learned that disney is going to be making an animated thing entitled gnomeo and juliet sometime soonish.
I learned there's a town in florida called celebration which is a huge disney planned community. sounded scary.

if any of you get to try the pineapple in there, I highly recommend it.

before leaving, I beat topher at ping pong. upgrading my "most famous person I ever beat at ping pong" from mitchell butler.

then it was off to the darkroom again... they were full. fuckers. I was about to leave when they called and said a spot opened. so I printed for a while.

after that, I headed over to hollywood. I was supposed to meet my brother for dinner around 7:30. I got there around 6:30. I found a miraculous spot at the bottom of the chateau marmont driveway. thanks boymaenad for the explanation of loading zone (we both know that you wan me to have an abortion). then, having an hour to kill, I spun twirly things on the corner of crescent heights and sunset. you know that dirt triangle on the southwest corner? there.

then I got together with my brother. we hung out - I got a chateau marmont matchbook and deck of cards. we talked. then his friends showed up and we went to dinner. dinner was amusing. the company was better than the food. but - for dessert, we had cookies and milk. cookies and milk is on the menu at the restaurant at the chateau marmont. that rules.

then we adjourned to the lobby. one of our the folks in our crew played the piano for a lobby-wide sing-along of lean on me and natural woman.

oh - and I invited one of the folks from tonight to the next hedwig.

then home again home again.
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