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I had quite a weekend...

on my way home from work, I decided that I should get a present for ry's birthday. I thought for a second. I talked to nay, who reminded me of things I already knew about him. I was inspired for a really cool present as I drove by one shop. but they didn't have what I wanted. I pondered and wandered around Iguana. I got inspired and lucky and bought a really cool and fitting present. I got him a pocket watch with a train on the front. I was all proud of my gift find. he looked extremely grateful.

the aesthetic of the party was amazing. that much red was just intense. it was especially striking when you walked away for a bit and then walked back into the living room to see the Red Sea sprawling before you. and I took a lot of pictures. it's been a while since I took a lot of digital pictures at a party. that used to be something that I did a lot. I'll get around to processing them into a distilled and posted webpage in my copious free time.

did anybody see the moon at around 3:30am friday night? I know nay, teaa and cat (cowboy cat, not space kat (formerly kat in the hat)) all saw it. it was huge. I mean like joe vs the volcano BIG moon big. dude. and it was this great yellowy orangey color. I took a picture of it, but I was too low with too small a zoom. I expected it to be crappy. I was right.

I went to sleep around 4:30ish.

* * *


woke up around 9ish. went to pick up bagels. you know what's sad? in the mall which is the home of the former sunday mexican brunch buffet haven, Que Pasa, there's a manhattan bagel. it's been there for a lot of years. at the La Reina mall, there's a noah's bagels. they've been there for less years. I stopped at noah's to pick up bagels for the fine early morning volunteers. the line at noah's was about 20 minutes. so I walked in and walked out. I went to manhattan. the line was 1 person. how sad for manhattan. darn big chain stores. I heard a while ago that a new blockbuster opens somewhere in america about every 4 days. duuuuude.

got to karinlewicki's house at almost exactly 10:45. I was so right on time. space cat was there. she helped me carry an amazing amount of crap into the house. nobody was awake – mostly as expected. jessekingsley opened the door – wearing the same attire as the previous evening.

karinlewicki emerged, coffee was brewed, bagels were consumed. honey almond cream cheese rocks the casbah.

so people started showing up, makeup started getting done, clothes started getting picked out, jesse started finishing/painting parts of the amazing boat and axe he made.

all in all, stephenfranklin, jessekingsley, karinlewicki, teaa, rachel b, space kat, cowboy cat, jessica, james and nay (hope I didn't forget anyone – if I did, it's not that I don't love you) all showed up to help me on my endeavor / assignment.

the impetus for this afternoon was an assignment for my photo class. I was assigned to do black and white photos in the style of a photographer I like. being insane, I chose david lachapelle. for the ungraced, david lachapelle is an amazing contemporary surrealist photographer. next time you're at my house, ask to see the david lachapelle book. if I had to pick one element of his style that makes it so easy to identify a picture he did, it's his use of extremely vivid saturated color. so whose style do I pick to follow for my b&w photo assignment?

the time came to head up to the glorious location to start turning this mother out. I realized that I had forgotten to bring my mom's van in which to transport the big paper mache boat. I hightailed it to my parents house to get the van, no dice – it was gone. so I hotfooted it back to karinlewicki's house and decided to put the boat in my car (why do I put oversized things in my car ?). it worked. I wish I had gotten someone to take a picture of me in the car with the boat. I did take a picture of my boat of car. notice how there's no room for a driver? yeah me too.

so we trundled to the location, took a lot of pictures. the weather could not have treated us better. it was bright, but not too too hot. it was cloudy which looked nice in the background.

everyone was so patient, cooperative, fun and helpful. thank you all.

then I bought us all dinner at marmalade. I recommend the dessert.

then I was going to go to a birthday party with teaa. I stopped off at my house to pick up stuff then I was going to get ready at her house. in that time, I called my brother. he's still in town (more on that later). he tells me that in about an hour, he's getting on a plane to go to vegas. he's going to spend saturday night there and then make it back to LA to meet me around noon on sunday. I'm REALLY tempted to bail on the party and go to vegas with him. but I was going to see a bunch of people at the party that I hadn't seen in a while and I was already a little bit tired from hardly sleeping the night before and from the photoshoot. so I decided not to go.

I head to teaa's house and get read to go to the party. I ended up wearing a pink flashy hat, red silk kimono, twinkie the kid boxers, homer slippers. the theme of the party is “be comfortable.” I got a lot of petting.

around 11ish, teaa and I decided to go to rocky. on the way from valencia to rocky, I put in appetite for destruction. we sang along with axl. that was the first time I've ever REALLY sung along with axl in front of anybody. that was a lot of fun, but my voice was hosed by the time we got to rocky.

I got pushed on stage to be in the lingerie contest. with my twinkie the kid boxers. I won a beetlejuice dvd. w00t.

left a bit early – but I still didn't get to sleep until 3ish or whatever.

* * *

woke up at about 9:30 to drop off the b&w photoshoot film. couldn't find one of the rolls. panicked a little bit. I didn't have enough time to do a thorough enough search to really panic.

then met up with karinlewicki to let her borrow negatives for some photos I did of stephenfranklin and teaa. she printed them today (I assume – I haven't talked to her since then).

by the way, my brother called me around 11ish and told me that 11:45 would be a lot better than noon to meet. whoa... and I thought I was hurried before.

I bid farewell to karinlewicki and hoofed it to the parental house to meet my brother. the limo was already there and waiting. I greeted joe and friend mike. we were out the door in an amazingly short amount of time. we picked up joe's friend's younger siblings and mom.

we were off to the premiere of treasure planet. it was my first premiere in a long time and by far the most fun. we got out of the limo directly onto the red carpet to walk the press line and to be paparazzed.

my brother put on an amazing show. he had so much energy and performance and outlandishness in those mini-interviews. so many of the reporters were amused, amazed or astonished.
I watched him conduct an interview in french. I watched him heckle a canadian reporter who was doing an interview for a french channel because he spoke french better than the reporter. the heckling was during his second french interview. I almost keeled over, laughing.

watching him play the press would have been amusing enough. but that wasn't all, lj bitches. I got paparazzed a bit myself. we stood there together, looking fly while flashbulbs were going nuts. if you've never been the subject of such photography, it's intense. I can see why people hate it when they're subjected to it constantly. but as a new experience, it was amazing. you can just unfocus your eyes and watch the eye candy that's all those cameras' flashbulbs. I've never seen anything like it.

and not even by association, I was asked for an interview by a canadian station. he said “you look too dapper not to be on tv.” when I learned he was canadian, I moved the interview to being in french. so somewhere there's footage of me doing an interview in french for some canadian access hollywood type show. I told the guy that I was very proud of my brother. he told me that I looked like I had just won the masters (golf) tournament.

the movie was swell. good story – very standard disney. it was BEAUTIFUL eye candy though. the cinerama dome is such a great theater.

after the movie, we went to the el capitan for the after party. go see it at the el capitan. we got to do the treasure planet funhouse at the el cap. it was BY FAR the most amazing el capitan funhouse I've ever seen... when I saw toy story there, there was a little obstacle course and some dressed up characters.

it was HUGE. they had climbey walls, playstations, the cool magno-wall (like SpaceWarp), pulley rides, The Claw style life-sized games, jugglers, stilt walkers, nerf ball cannons, and the cool game which combines hungry hungry hippos, hockey and amazing tech. the game took place on a blank carpet. they light projected a circle grid onto the floor. they gave us golf club type sticks. then they light projected little balls moving around the grid. you used your golf club to try to rake the little balls into your goal. the light projected balls responded to your golf club. you have to see it. I won.

then we left and now I'm at home writing this. now that I'm done, I'm going to scan/photoshop some Blue Dan's Troupe photos and then try to figure out who I'm going to get to print them for me by my tuesday night class.

PS – I'm a little tired.
PPS - I found the missing roll of film.
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