dan (dan501) wrote,

happy birthday?

picture it...

today is my roommate's birthday. it's 9:30 am. she's asleep.

I slowly and quietly walk into her room. she's on her stomach sleeping.

I pause for a second... I'm not positive this is a good idea.

good idea, shmood idea.

I take a couple quick steps, and take a flying leap into her future nightmares. I jumped and landed atop her. with my knees on either side of her butt and with my hands on either side of her shoulders... yelling, "happy birthday."

she SCREAMS and has this look of terror on her face the like of which I've never seen.

I immediately started comforting her and telling her it's ok and happy birthday. she started laughing and being ok after just a few seconds.

less than a minute later, her phone rang and her sister wished her happy birthday.

a few minutes after that, she thanked me - she was in danger of being late for work.

speaking of which...
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