dan (dan501) wrote,

my weekend

another successful gallery moutarde. thank you to karinlewicki for the fabulous photos, thanks for having an extra copy of one I really wanted, and thanks for returning my axe. thanks to all who attended. I have a bunch of left over chevre et brie. hmph.

gallery moutarde inventory:
3 cool prints from karinlewicki
1 light brown suede jacket
1 shiny blueish hair chopstick
1 hairclip butterfly
belong to anybody (not the prints)?

after the gallery, I went to girlbar to see the Blue Dan's Troupe performing the white number. which I'd never seen. I took some pictures

saturday day I went to my last french class and watched some of a live action little prince. the kid they got looked a lot like him.

then I went to the darkroom.
then I went out on a date.
then I got my butt grabbed by a gay homosexual.
then I went to sleep
then I met andrea and eric (most of you don't know them)
then I went on a date.
then I got some coffee and took some cool sunset pictures
then I went to a friends holiday gathering
then I watched donnie darko for the first time.

I want to see donnie darko doing the hansel dance.
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